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some anxiety over this one girl I have a crush on...

It's odd...even though my SA can cripple me with many situations, I've had almost no problems with dating. This one's bothering me, though, and I hate feeling like I'm not in control.

She's not in any of my classes or groups, and I just met her in line one time...since then we've had a few short conversations, and I studied with her for a half hour at one point.

I'm sure it's too early to get her digits/e-mail (I'd Facebook her -- that's low pressure -- but since she never jumped on that bandwagon that option's out). Since this college is huge, running into her has just become a chance thing, and it is KILLING ME. What would have probably been a normal crush has turned into a runaway infatuation, and I just want it to end.

I do have her phone number, but only because she put her info down for a group I was involved in (I'm in charge of recruiting, so the sheet is in my safekeeping). Since I'll be tucked away during exam week, should I just say "screw it", go with confidence, and call her?
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****, i thought every college kid was on Facebook

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Nope, apparently not. I think it's useful, but I'm irked at times that it's the best way to reach half of my friends.
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I don't think it's ever too early to make a move. If you want to play it safe then ask for her number in person next time you see her. If you call her out of the blue she might not remember you, but if you know what to say then she might be up for something.
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