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No pictures of me

Does anyone else have like no pictures of themselves? My mom takes my picture every once in a while but thats it and its never anything candid with me having fun. It kinda sucks not to have those memories.
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Yup.. it's me!
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We are not a picture taking family either... we have random pictures from the time I was little until now... but not really a ton..

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I use to be really against taking pictures of myself. I would avoid being photographed at all costs. When I was about 8 I found a picture that my mum kept and ripped it up. I thought I looked so ugly and that she was keeping it to be horrible to me. But obviously it was just a mother wanting a picture of her child. My mum's big on pictures. Lately I've decided that I need more pictures of myself. Not seeing myself for days, even weeks, on end makes me become detached from myself.

And I also now realise that having your life documented in pictures is really cool.
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heh, yeah for me, I don't really have any recent pictures of me. Some stupid webcam pics that aren't really good.

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I hate pictures of myself. If I ever see one, I either sit there and stare at it in horror forever or hide it away and try to not look at it again.

I was actually thinking about this the other day. My husband and I have been married 8 1/2 years and I think I have maybe 2 pictures of us together, besides our wedding pictures. That's sad.

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re: No pictures of me

the last picture i took was my driver's license photo. besides that, i haven't taken a picture of myself in years. ive hated the way ive looked for most of my life and i'm glad i don't have any memories of myself.
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re: No pictures of me

I did many things not to have my pic taken. I would hide in a bathroom, pretend to keep busy etc. Even when I couldn't avoid, I would do as much as I could to keep myself small in the pic.
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My family took lots of pictures of me when I was a kid.....not so much anymore. Although the last few years I took lots of pics of myself with a digital camera lol....I used it more like a mirror to see how I looked from a different perspective.
I don't have any "candid" pictures either....everything is posed....the closest thing to a candid picture was a couple of years back when I didn't have much SA for some reason and I was at this girls b-day party at a club...and we were all drinking...and then one of her friends walks up to us with a camera and then we made these really silly/half-drunk smiles.
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re: No pictures of me

yeah, I don't have any portraits of myself. I wasn't even in my senior yearbook. Everyone had suits on and dresses and... I actually don't remember if they took my picture or if I wasn't there for picture day which is what probably happened. 7 years later and the only pictures I have are with my exgirlfriend.

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re: No pictures of me

I have very few pictures of me since i was about 16 or so. Just one or two obligatory family photos and a few that got taken on digital cameras. It's kinda sad really :\

I hate cameras, though. Well, i do when they're pointing at me. I don't like the way that i look.
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i do have lots of pics of me with friends when i was younger (up to 15). since then i've been in less and less. i'm not scared of cameras, just that i don't do stuff worth taking pictures over. i'd rather only be in photos that i'd enjoy looking back and remembering later on. it's sad looking at old pics of when i was actually social & comfortable though.
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re: No pictures of me

my mom has pics of me when i was younger. i have several of when i had a girlfriend a few years ago. other than those and the webcam pics, i dont have any pics of me

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re: No pictures of me

I was 2nd born so there were few pictures of me growing up... they got burned out on taking pics of my brother as a baby and the novelty wore off. There are the standard pics before concerts, 'pre-communion', Christmas when we were kids, before we went to my cousin's wedding when I was 14 but that's really about it.

All the other pics of me were taken by my brother and by friends. Most of my memories have never been captured in film or digitally.

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re: No pictures of me

Not many. fewer and fewer as I got older.
More recent photos include those with family and graduation photos as such.
But for instance, I went through 4 years at university with only a handful of pictures. Didn't help that I had few friends and didn't go out much.
But I'm into taking pictures more recently. It helps that I have a digital camera now.
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going hazy
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I'm fine with taking pictures of myself, but I can't stand other people taking pictures of me. It's even worse to be filmed.

My parents used to go crazy with the picture taking and filming with a camcorder. There are a lot of pictures and videos of me up until about the age of 13 or 14, and then zilch.
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re: No pictures of me

I have hardly any pictures of myself from like 1980-2004 when I got a web cam and digital camera. If it not for driver's license photos I wouldn't have any from the 80s.
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Somewhere but not here.
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re: No pictures of me

I don't like having my picture taken.
Sort of a "taking my soul thing" as well as the usual SA stuff (similar to knowing someone else's name gives a power over that person, which is why I keep it mostly private). My last real picture is just before I graduated high school. However I do have one picture of myself around me, it's me when I still had blond hair (I posted it in the "post a picture of yourself as a child" thread in the photo section). I don't remember when my hair started to darken, but I have seen early school pics of me still being blond, then all of a sudden it went brown.

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re: No pictures of me

I can't stand the thought of seeing a picture of myself or thinking about others seeing my photograph. I stopped (or had my parents stop) ordering yearly school photos around jr high. I only ordered a couple high school graduation photos for my parentís sake. I never posed for a college graduation pic. Whenever I see someone with a camera at a family function or when I with a group of friends, I get out of the way.

I hate seeing myself in the mirror, too. Itís like I can forget the way I look if I'm not confronted with my image, but my reflection or seeing a picture of me brings me back to reality, and I get depressed.

I wouldn't be so bad if my family wasn't into family pictures so much. Every wall of our house is filled with photos of us and distant relatives, and I know my dad has sent photos of us to these same distant relatives.

There are two family photos in our family room that really depress me, and I cringe everytime I pass them. The most resent has my parents, two sisters, and me crowded together smiling as a big happy family. The only problem was that the photographer had to coach us on how to get close to each other and, God forbid, touch each other, and look natural doing it. And we all had these fake, strained smiles on our faces like it was a foreign expression that we never attempted before (which isn't far from the truth).
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Me too. I try to avoid being in pictures.

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re: No pictures of me

I have none, or should say, had none.

I forced myself to let my sister take my pic over easter. I love it cuz it's of me smiling with my kids. i have NO pics of myself other thatn those.
I thought it was just me.

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