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MKAT. Lets learn about this drug + SAS relation to life success.


First Post Ever. I've been doing a lot of research ,and tried a few things. I have by no means ever had substance abuse. In fact i'm probably relatively substance free compared to people here. I want to pile people who are interested in this topic, and do combined research. Together I believe we can find a solution.

My journey into finding SAS started as I realised i've always been anxious with people. I had wanted to be a pick up artist, and realised I had this uncontrollable anxiety dominating every corner of my life. (I have a score of 56 on the test). I am by no means a sufferer to the point of not being able to go out.

I know a lot of people in the world have moderate SAS. Its enough to stop us asking a chick's number, making the move. Being confident, being ourselves in an interview. Let's face it. Having SAS sucks. There are guys/girls out there who don't have this and they are early 20s, confident and sucessful. As the years pile on, it gets harder as we have less time in this world.

SAS is different for everyone, however the fact that it is environment and situational based, makes me think it must be nurture as well as nature, though it seems disbalance in chemicals in the brain can start this off. I guess as humans we feel first , then act (or freeze), and its hard to act against the way we feel.

Over time an effect called cognitive dissonance develops, which means backwards rationalising for what has already happened, because we are nervous and fail to take action, overtime this becomes who we are as we cannot change the past. As such the danger of anxiety itself, is feeding it until it becomes a reality, somebody who has been nervous for a year, is going to live it less than somebody who has been nervous their entire life.

For years I believed it was just mere willpower to become sociable, and for years I have failed. I am a strong willed person, yet I **** myself when I want to talk to a girl, and time/persistence/energy certainly doesn't help, as I have been trying for a few years, other people have shot ahead of me, because they don't have that all encompassing anxiety. Its like I am in a boxing match in which no matter what I do I lose again and again.

I've always had tried casual drugs, and drink sociably, but I am not an addict to anything. I am a filmmaker. I make my own money. I am a very motivated individual, yet when it comes to strangers. I am afraid. I am afraid of things I shouldn't be afraid of.

I have tried antidepressants that just made me tired and sleepy. Tried provigil (made me feel emotionless and weird), vitamins (made me feel ill), weed, cocainne, ketamine, ecstasy (helps a little), finally Inderal (propanolol - beta blocker). None of these drugs has an effect like MKAT has. The new street drug thats legal (for now).

Like I said for years I thought it was all having balls and going for it, and when I did go and approach a girl I just felt ****. Remember I want to talk to girls, and meet new people, this is how I started. Then when I did MKAT. The world just blew apart.

I've developed and researched many mindsets + techniques. I believe SAS sufferers should understand that experience, technique, body language stuff used in pickup is very handy, and useful for them to catch up in years of not knowing how to be social. As pickup is relatively underground, and they hate the idea of it being biological. I have never seen a cross-over research, however many aspiring pickup artists, never get anywhere because of approach anxiety, which is the same thing as social anxiety, and of course if you are freaking nervous you are more likely to get shot down by a girl, and turned down for a job, or even just acting the way you really want to act.

However when I took MKAT it changed the way I was. Suddenly I just approached women. I just talked. I didn't worry. I didn't think. In pickup we are taught kino, the ability to touch people. I was always afraid to cross peoples boundaries (like being scared of being beaten up)

When I was on MKAt all that changed. I was touching like every girl I saw, confidently (of course I knew a lot from pickup, but I just never could apply) (this wasn't like tapping, i've always been a good dancer, but suddenly I felt no inhibitions stroking her hair, needless to say I had a fairly sucessful night) you see we all know what we want, otherwise we won't feel trapped by SAS. The worry is still there on MKAT, but its like far away now, like is there to help me keep track, so I don't act stupid, instead of a huge worry.

I believe a lot of us hates SAS, and wants rid of it, because it stops us from being our real selves. All humans want to compete for success, yet SAS stops us for completely irational reasons. (try saying hello to a stranger whilst walking on the street, its like death row for SAS sufferers, but non-sas suffers won't think of it as much)

So my question, and invite you all to ask and exchange knowledge. What is it MKAT does, has anyone tried it? Is it to do with dopamine? I don't want to end up relying on MKAT, but its looking that way. I had never experience anything like it before. It's like for years I had this problem, now suddenly the problem is gone for that period of time, and I don't know why.

I am sure MKAT must be unhealthy, but then so seems every other drug. at least it doesn't hurt your libido (or doesn't seem that way anyways), there is very little information regarding the drug, maybe it increases dopamine?

I had read that people who have SAS often have low binding d2 dopamine receptors. I wonder is there any way we can increase the binding rate of d2 dopamine receptor sites.

I think the solution is finding a holistic treatment, a way of measuring results, for example would you be confident to ask for the time? or say to a girl you're cute, I want to get to know you. SAS sufferers focus too much on medication and feelings, when there are a plenthora of ideas out there, such as living in the present, body techniques and so on.

As people on this forum is more than likely have had experiences with many other drugs (which I cannot be bothered to pay for and try), it is likely they may have insight into what makes MKAT work? And I would like to know if the medications they are on making them confident socially, or is only helping a slight bit.

Is it me or SAS is silent? it hangs in the background stopping you from doing what you want.

Note: MKAT is more commonly known as Mephedrone, for those looking for it.

Let the discussions roll!
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Originally Posted by Raidiant View Post
However when I took MKAT it changed the way I was. Suddenly I just approached women. I just talked. I didn't worry.I didn't think.
Wow, I wanna do MKAT now! SA makes me think too much, instead of just doing.
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They all pair off and hand-in-hand they leave but I'm still waiting... I'm still waiting.


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I realised I made a double post! So sorry admin.

You can get hold of it online pretty easily, many people offer drop offs. Its completely legal at the moment.

I advise anybody to watch out. I personally felt no side effects at all, zero come down but please report as soon as possible. Though I did seem to notice my skin looked more rough for wear, the next day not sure what it is.

Yes I've been trying to stop myself thinking ever since MKAT, to no avail, as it made me realise what it should be like to be feelingh "right"
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Ive just been reading up about it and it doesn't sound too good tbh, ive heard people having skin problems, allergic reactions, and strange smells, its also supposed to be really addictive

They all pair off and hand-in-hand they leave but I'm still waiting... I'm still waiting.


Home could be anywhere when I am holding you.
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Australia: Mephedrone is prohibited in Australia.[23]
Denmark: Denmark's Minister for Health and Prevention Jakob Axel Nielsen banned "mephedrone", "flephedrone" and ethylcathinone on Dec 18, 2008. (from Ministry of Health and Prevention press release)
Finland: Through the Medicines Act, 4-methylmethcathinone is classified as a "medicinal product", making it illegal to manufacture, import, possess, sell, or transfer it without a prescription. (from, date unknown and, Sep 5 200[1]
Germany: Plans to make mephedrone illegal in Germany were announced in November 2009 but the bill must be approved by the Bundesrat before it is made illegal.[24]
Israel: In December 2007, 4-methylmethcathinone was added to Israel's list of controlled substances, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess.[1]
Norway: The "Derivatbestemmelsen" is an Analog Act-type law in Norway that controls 4-methylmethcathinone, Bk-MBDB, Bromo-DragonFLY, 1,4-butanediol, GBL, and MBDB. See (last updated April 29 2009)[1]
Sweden: Classified as a "health hazard" or "hazardous substance" ("hälsofarlig vara") pending further legislation, a ban on 4-methylmethcathinone went into effect on December 15, 2008, making its sale illegal. On June 15, 2009 it was classified as a narcotic.[1][25]
United Kingdom: Mephedrone/4MMC is currently not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971; psychiatrists have lobbied for it to be banned.[13] It is, however, an offense to sell it for human consumption. On the 20th of November 2009 it was announced by county Durham police that anyone found in possession of mephedrone will be arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an illegal substance such as cocaine or amphetamines.[1]
United States: 4-Methylmethcathinone is unscheduled in the United States. It is possible that it could be considered an analog of a scheduled substance, in which case, sales for human consumption or possession with the intent to ingest could be prosecuted under the Federal Analog Act.
Obtaining Medication
Posts that discuss obtaining medication online legally or otherwise are not allowed and will be locked, edited or removed. Additionally, asking for advice via post, PM, or email on how to obtain medication illegally, without prescription or without consultation of a doctor is not allowed.

It is ironic, how often one comes across an atheist with a "holier than thou" attitude.
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