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Old 01-20-2014, 08:53 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default maladaptive daydreaming about being in a romantic relationship

I'm normally not interested nor expressive about being in a romantic relationship but sometimes I maladaptive daydream about what it's like being in a relationship and sometimes it is just really, REALLY overly distracting. Some days, it is worse, like I will zone out thinking about it, in some detail just because sometimes helps me cope to feel like I'm in love and I aim to think just to get that feeling. lol. sounds so stupid as I write this. But it distracts me from important tasks and work that I need to get done. Does this happen to anybody else?
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Last night I was writing about a storm. The girl couldn't have me freezing to death on her conscience. She let me in. Then warmed me up in her arms.

What's funny is the next day... part of my brain seriously thought there was a storm the day before. Guess that's how real imagination can feel.
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I don't daydream about myself being in a romantic relationship, but I do daydream about my characters doing so (and doing all the things that come along with a romantic relationship).

And gets incredibly distracting at times. I'll be sitting appearing to read or be watching TV or whatever when in reality my mind is endlessly going on over what these characters are experiencing...I daydream about them more than I actually write. ;_;
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I don't know if my version qualifies as a romantic relationship, but I do constantly daydream about women. Usually when I catch a glimpse of an attractive female I get immersed in a ridiculous day dream keen to a damsel in distress. I imagine some some catastrophic scenario taking place, from a savage hostage situation to some crazy cataclysmic event. Whatever scenario presents itself I always play the role of an antihero. Due to an overwhelming propensity for self-preservation I'm able to do what ever it takes to stay alive, I end up stumbling across the damsel. I usually pay her no mind as I continue on my way. But she begs for my assistance. Me being unaffected by her cries for help I try to continue on, but she ends up being quite persistent in trying to plead with me along the lines of her willing do anything if I just help her survive. Me being the antihero I end up agreeing to take her along in return for her showing me how 'grateful' she is for my assistance after we escape.

These day dreams seem to last forever but only actually go on for a couple of minutes, but I rarely have control over when a slip into one. And it usually happens at the worst times, like when I'm trying to listen to something important, in the middle of driving, or trying to read and do assignments. The worst part is I always end up snapping back to reality right before its time for her to make good on our deal! What I find amazing is how I seem to be able to operate on auto-pilot while I'm trapped in my head. I can end up driving for miles, even turn off on the correct exits and not remember any of it.
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this happens to me all the time :'(
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Yeah, I do this too. Maladaptive daydreaming just siphons up a lot of my time and makes me unproductive. Yet, these fantasies are one of the few things keeping me going.
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