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I've Never Been Employed at 20

I'm almost 21 now and I've never been employed. I have no experience and they won't hire me at jobs where teenagers are my peers simply because I'm too old now, but there is no where else I could work, except maybe a factory. I'd have to struggle with a daily commute then.

I wonder if this is the pinnacle of my life sometimes. I never imagined life like this at 21.
21 painful years with only thoughts of the future to get me through. Maybe I should just let it go now and have another glass of wine.

And I know you guys are going to say that I have many years left, that I can do things righ t now to help myself, but I don't want to hear it anymore. I just want misery as company. So tell me aobut the things you were doing at 21.

I've lost control again.
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For me the secret was voluntary jobs. They are an amazing way to start working (again). You don't have this overwhelming feeling that you are constantly being judged or that you have to prove yourself. You are their by choice and any organisation would be happy to have you on board no matter what your qualities are.

Also think of what kind of work you'd like to do? What are you hobbies, interests? Animals shelters, for example, were for me the best choice because there were not many people around and I got to spend my days with cute animals.

I than started with part-time jobs in offices. Easy jobs through a temp agency. In time you'll notice that from gaining experience, you become less tense and find a way to get over the awkward & scarry moments.

I now have a fulltime job at an office as an assistant. I have bad days, I have worse days but working is amazing self-confidence booster. Earning your money, spending that money is really something that affected me deep down. (I was on disability for years)

You should never forget that NOW is never too late to start.
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I got started through an online friend.

He hooked me up with a job and that's how I broke the ice over my fears of getting a job.

I think the best way to start is to network with people or even your parents and relatives and try to give you some form of work to do and the best thing is that they could also supervise on how you did and everything. That way when you finally came out to the 'real working world', you would be much at ease and perhaps not having so much anxiety over jobs.

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Same here. I am almost 21 and I've never been employed. I've applied at about every retail store. ugh I hate this.

I guess the first thing we need to do right now is to volunteer somewhere first, so we can have something to put on applications or resumes.
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Maybe you should colunteer your time to things your interested in. or maybe think about going to school to get a degree, that would help your resume and employers will give you a scond look

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I was 21 before I got my first job too, it's hard when you can't drive so are limited to where you can get to. I had to catch 2 and sometimes 3 buses each way and it was a right pain, but at least it shows it's not too late for you! Voluntary work is a good idea because you can get a reference from them which shows you turn up on time, don't steal etc

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I know exactly where you are, because I am right there with you. I'm 20 and virtually unemployable do to lack of experiance,and I despreratly need work but no one wants to hire someone at my age whose never worked before.When I was younger the only thing that got me through the day was thinking how much better it would be in future,but here I am and my life is nowhere near where I thought it would be so what the hell am I supposed to do now! God knows,if indeed there is a god.
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Yep, I'm there too. I'm 20 and have never had a job. Now that I'm actually looking for one it is hard. Between the crappy economy and being 20 years old and not having any experience it's not easy.

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I didn't get my first job until I was 20.
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I had a friend who got her first job at 26. That's pretty crazy but should give you some hope.
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I've never had a job either. I know a lot of people who haven't too so I guess we aren't that weird. I don't particularly want one but I have to get one. But what do you put on a resume if you've never worked? Lol.
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I'm pretty sure they will hire you at a place where teenagers work. If a place needs employees bad enough, they will usually be pretty lenient. Anyway, age discrimination is against the law.
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I'm also 20, and have never had a job. I cant even get my self to apply because i feel anything would just be too hard for me and i couldn't do it. I don't know what I'm Going to do about it. It's making me really depressed. worst then i already am.
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It would nice if you did have a job, but I think you're still in that age group where people are most likely not going to have a heart attack if they found out that you haven't had one yet.
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I am 28 and I was a stay at home mom for 9 years. I just got a job. It took me several months before someone hired me but I kept on trying. I had a couple jobs before that but there is something out there. I was going to do the same thing and volunteer but before I got everything set up, I got hired as a cashier. Keep trying and apply for jobs you aren't sure about. My first job was a busser at a hotel restaurant and I absolutely loved it. Keep on trying.
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Ever thought of being a machinist? You could probably find a shop needing a helper. Machine shops or full of weird people so they wont even notice! It's a good living 50k+ if you stick with it and learn. As mentioned before, machine shops are full of weird people. perfect for SA
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Well i've never been employed at 21 and won't be by 22 either lol. Luckily, i'm training to be a medical transcriptionist and was told by ppl on the forum at my school that no work experience wouldn't matter a great deal. I like reading threads about others out there w/no work experience. Good luck in whatever you do. Keep trekkin.
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There are people on this forum who have never had a job and who are in their thirties.
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I got my first part time job at 20. I'm still amazed I got hired sometimes...

But I had some volunteer experience (mainly working as a student aide in high school).
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My advice for you is, since you are still 20, concentrate on learning something you are interested in and give your full time for it and do your best. Jobs always come to the people who have something to market themselves with.

I didn't have a job until I was 23. I was worried as you are, kept my expenses to a bare minimum since I was taking from parents, tried to do a few odd jobs here and there but I was really concentrating on my studies. I knew it would payoff oneday and it did. I am 29 now and have a good job. Best part is job security. I know even if I was kicked off from here I would have a good chance somewhere else because what I have studied and later gained from experience are valuable for any employer.
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