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I'm afraid to leave my house

I'm 25 this year and since I was young I've always been afraid to go out alone. Doesn't matter where, even to the corner store around my house I get scared. I'm not afraid to interact with people. I just don't like to go out alone. Especially nowadays the world is such a dangerous place. I'd get so paranoid that someone might be following me. When I walk home at night if a man walks by me, i'd get so nervous. I guess you can say I watched too much movies and it's getting to my head. But over the years it's getting worse, I'm more afraid to leave the house. My greatest fear would be getting kidnapped and killed or raped or...you know what I mean.
I know there's nothing I can if it happens but I'm always thinking about it.
Each time I leave my house, I'd always look out the window to make sure no one is outside OR when I drive home late at night, before getting out the car, I'd do a 360 check to make sure no one's around. I don't know what's wrong with me or why I'm so afraid. I'm scaring myself...What should I do?
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A dog is a good suggestion!

You have good logic and reasoning there about not leaving the house. I get to the point that I'm afraid to leave the house but I'm afraid of being awkward and being around people. Luckily, it's not happened lately but I haven't left the house alone in years. (Lack of transportation unless someone gets me.)

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Originally Posted by Matrix3399 View Post
IWhat should I do?
I would recommend seeing a therapist.

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You might want to consider treatment in some form if this fear is impacting your life a great deal, whether it's therapy, medication, supplements, etc.

Just remember that there is a lot more inherent goodness in people than most of us realize. It's becoming easier for me to truly believe there are far more people that will help you out as opposed to the number of people that would want to harm you.
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Gradual exposure therapy. Something must of happened when you were young. When you go outside try not to focus on the bad memories or imagery in your head but to focus on positive things and e you are going. Easier said then done but one step at a time and I guarantee you will overcome this fear. You can also use self hypnosis to give yourself positive affirmations. Goodluck

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