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I have no job, no friends at all. I'm all alone

Hi I'm Jillian and I'm from Maryland. And I'm so lonely that I feel like I have no purpose. I'm 26 and married all i have is my husband and he is great but I want more. I quit my job last year cuz i was bored and now I'm home while he is at work and I'm so depressed. I am so shy that I have no friends. I feel like I will never had a best friend. I got married and used my family in my wedding party. No friends on my side. I want a best friend so bad that it makes me sick. Why do i have to be like this. I feel like a loser. And I know i make a great friend. I'm honest I can listen welll and I can give a shoulder to cry on.

If anyone wants to chat with me please pm me. I have no one and i want to talk to other shy people. I have no support groups here, there is one but it's too far away. Well sorry I wrote so much hope to hear from someone
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Well, you're in the right place, welcome to the forum.
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I'm really sorry you're going through this! Although keeping a very close knit circle of people online (daily emails and such) as a support group is nice, it doesn't replace a physical presence or the ability to just go see a movie with a friend. My online friends kept me afloat in tricky times but when it comes down to it I need a friend in the flesh! So I'd force myself out there which is difficult for someone who's terrified of leaving her front door. I'm not sure what your boundaries are but I'd really encourage getting out of the house as often as you can. I met a friend while grocery shopping, haha. On the other hand, meeting local shy people online could easily lead to an in-person friendship. Good luck!
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Hello! Welcome to the forum! How bad is your anxiety? Do you feel like you would be too anxious to get a job? If not I think that would help you meet people.....
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Life sucks
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Welcome to the forums!

Look at the positive, you have a loving and caring husband. You're a step ahead of probally half of more of us here. If you want, we can chat in PM's or something. I don't have any either, just a couple of aquaintances, and they're all on SAS.

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Glad to have you with us, Jillian. Hopefully you'll feel at home here.
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Smile I feel ya

Hey, I'm in the same situation as you. Want to chat via email? R_grace7475@hotmail.com
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Welcome to SAS Jilian.If you need anyone to talk too you can message me.
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In hiding
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I hate to be one of those 'at least you have a partner' people but that really is something. How can you be all alone when you're married? But I understand what you're saying. It's a bit like the fact that I have family members who I'm friendly with but I would still prefer to have friends as well. Sometimes I feel like I can handle it, or even that I'm better off alone, but there are other times when I feel about as lonely as someone who hasn't seen another person in years.
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Smile Don't Panic- every one in the same boat

Hi dude,
I go through your post, in this world every human have the problem, with out problem you will not search the almighty and I am basically from India.
Dude I have friends but not more a few worthy friends, first you have to get out from the loneliness
Mingle with known people; talk with some thing what they like, be loyal show happy smile in your face always. I know your heart is under fire, first you search the sounder to share you good and bad, male or female old or young never matters. World is always in same condition. You mood make the deference,
It simple imagines a beautiful girl come and say I love you. Then every movement in this world seems beautiful and colorful, like your mood makes the changes. So be cool and happy,
Dude I list out my problems, then you never say I am not understand youíre problem,
I am now 30 years old, I enter in to graduation but I am unable to make it, in my 22 years I start a software company with my fatherís money of $50,000. In Indian value 24,00000 Lacks. 1 year I run the company very well, I had 3 Business partners. Any two partners including me will sign and access the company account, one fine day my two partners planed and rape my company account worth of $83,000/- that time I was in Goa(it like Vegas to us) official tour with my employees. I came back to my town; next day is the salary day of all our employees 20 employees with me, all my bank cheque return unpaid due no money in my account. I shocked and check with back. The bank people told all cash withdrawn before two days. Then I find who done how itís happen etcÖ.. But I donít have money to pay my employees salary .I am unable to see my two partners I place a complaint no use. ďMY Real problem starts from hereĒ.
I ask money form my fathers friend in credit he said he will give the cash, but he inform this to my father ,big fight between my father and I just thrown out from my home, and my father not allow me take my credential cloths nothing. Now I am standing out side my house in my valet I have 3000 RS $62 Dollars my company debit card (no money in the account), wearing blue pant and black t-shirt. Sitting full night at railway station, early morning I gone to my friend house unfortunately he is out of country. My mobile phone also with my father, I know few friends but I donít have contact number with me.
I gone to my uncle house I explained what happen even my uncle not allow me to stay with him, but he had some money which is belong to my mother around $16,000. He called my mother and informs this mother said hand over the cash to my son. I talk with her she said come back home, I will talk with your father but I denied. I took the cash give off the salary around $19,300 all the money what I had with me is gone. Now I donít have any thing, I gone to my employee room his name is Bala, and I explained the situation he said sir ďif you like u can stay with meĒ I said one or two days I will stay the problem is my Bala loss his job because of working in my organization. I try to find some job but I donít have any document with me, education age proof, address proof, nothing. How can I search a job? Days run like this every day I wash the same cloths wait until it drays and using it, bala cloths will not fit to me coz he is very leen.
Even bala donít have cash, Bala applied for new job But he donít have any cash to go interview form his lost salary he pays his room rent ,rest of the cash he sent to his old mother living in the village past two days some how we manage but the next day? , now both of us feel s very hungry already 3 days gone I said to him ďok bala as I told I am leavingĒ but he ask where are u going, I said I donít know, bala said please stay with me sir, we will do some thing even both or in the same situation, I canít avoid his word coz even I also donít have any option, now first we need food what is the source. Now go the back yard of the house there is one lime tree with fruits, I got an idea pick some fruits from the tree, and crash the juice put in side the Mineral water bottle, and had some water in the bottle a littlie bit salt. Lime juice ready. I make 4 to 5 bottles each day Morning one bottle for break fast, mid day 2, night 1. This is our food. After that I gone one hotel working as waiter, for 3 months some how we manage, lot of issues happen after that Bala broken his leg 5 months I am taking care of him, waiting for the solution.
One fine day one person step in to the hotel, order some food, I served the food he noticed me and asked your Mr.Senthil I said yes, youíre the managing Director of Absolute Solution India Ltd?i replays I was. He said sir I am kishore your organization done lot of project to us. I ask which organization, he replays santhosh hospitals. I said your Mr.Kishore Gatya? He said yes. Nice to meet your I never meet you before how come you know me? he said I seen your project orientation meeting at our organization also your discusses with our PRO about your project I was there but your busy with your discussion. Now I said thank you sir, nice to meet you,. He gave his card to me and ask me come his office, then I leave this to your imagination. Now I am working as a HR-Manager in a Private organization.
All my tuff period I never blame any one even my father, I smile always even in trouble I learned it, now world is beautiful to me. Even though I have problem now but I have the confidante I will face anything. 5 years after I join with my family but that time, my father is Sick mentally disorder , mother diabetic patient , brother working some BPO, sister got married but still with us, because unemployed husband, now I am the only person supporting my family , still I am doing what is the best I can, again I am become business man working for it. Donít feel you donít have friend, we can be friend, may be I canít come and meet you, still we can share,
My small advice or Request
Just join in small job even you get less pay never mind, call you bank or credit organization explain, pay minimum amount for your debit, what ever the job it may be, my attitude is what job I will do I will the first one in that job, I dedicate my self, my sole for the good result, even the time I was working as waiter I can say I am the best one, even same hotel I will go and have the food. I have great respect, I never shamed about my job what ever it is, and that job supports me to survive. First donít be alone, donít tell you donít have any body, think your school, collage a friend who is nice to in those days, recall them talk with them, mail them wish on his birthday, you will get what ever you want.
Mail me if you like senthicm@sify.com

Bye for now
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Hya, oh my god you sound just like me its awful isnt it ;( I'm jobless broke but have a boyfriend. I have one guy friend since I was 13 but I cant see him so much lately because my boyfriend doesn't like me spending too much time with him but I dont have anyone else to talk to My boyfriend has 2 kids with 2 different women who he still sees so I don't think its very fair. Wish I cud be of some help but I seem to be in the same situation and now alcohol is becoming my best friend ;( I better stop talkin now before I depress you even more ha
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Hi Jillian, I'm Nicole and I'm new here also. Your situation is very much like mine, with the exception of a job. Just wanted to let u know I'm here to talk if you need it. I can be a good listener. Just PM or e-mail me

So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten.....
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same problem frnds
please talk to me
chat to me
mail to me
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