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How to report a therapist for unethical behavior?


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Your location is VA...what I could find is this:

And this is a link to the 14 health regulatory boards in VA:
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I would definitely report the situation. If this situation happens with you, it most likely has happenned with other people. It is not fair to pay to go see a therapist when they are sleeping on the job. Don't feel guilty for reporting the incident. Personally, I think you were violated. You went to the therapist in an effort to overcome whatever barriers you are facing, and your therapist falls asleep on you. I don't know how you would begin the process othen than googling some information. Good luck to you. And I know it will be difficult, but you will have to be assertive to report the situation.

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I fell asleep at the pharmacy many times and made one mistake. I got reported. Just check for the college that awards them their license and write them a letter. They will look at it and will likely mail her to respond to your allegations. If they find you have a basis for your claims they will punish her in some ways. My license was suspended but I think that had more to do with my anti-anxiety drug abuse (which also resulted in me falling asleep).
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personally, I would let it go
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Anxiety and its mindset is having you dwell on it.
If I had continued to go to her, I would have talked louder - or sneezed.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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I would file a complaint, the most they would do is keep it on file. You might not think this isn't much, but 1 complaints becomes 2 etc. If they all have similar circumstances, that's when they'll open an internal investigation. That's why you have to file a complaint and not ignore it even though it seems nothing happens.

It's simply unprofessional behavior, personally I think the person you saw was partying a little too much the nights before and was falling asleep similar to what a person does in a meeting. A meeting could be going on and on and someone starts snoozing out. You shouldn't let unprofessional behavior affect you.

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