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How to ignore a bully staring...trying to intimidate you

OKAY so i guess my question is how do you respond to someone thats trying to tease you or bully you by staring blankly at you NON STOP?? Im talking more than 15 minutes! To the point they are turning around completely to look at you TRYING to intimidate you. Staring at you every where you move to around the rooom... and wont even back down when you say hello or give a friendly smile?? I mean people that are old enough to know STARING IS RUDE.
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Re: How to ignore a bully staring...trying to intimidate you

You can

1) say, "Can I help you with something?!?!"

2) say, "Is there some kind of problem that you continue to stare at me all of the time?"

3) Give them a dirty look if being nice doesn't nip it in the bud.

4) Tell them to take a picture because it lasts longer.

5) Turn away from them at all costs.

6) Have someone else confront them for you.

Thats all I can come up with for now.

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Re: How to ignore a bully staring...trying to intimidate you

Originally Posted by CoconutHolder

4) Tell them to take a picture because it lasts longer.

5) Turn away from them at all costs.

Thats all I can come up with for now.
did those two. i actually said very loudly to my friend "maybe she shoudl take a picture it will last longer!!" I thought about offering her mine...
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If you're walking, take a glance at them, and if they are still staring stare right back and stop walking, turn to there direction and ask "is there something you need?" or something like that. Don't get too close though, cause they might think you are getting in confrontation with them so they might push you or hit you which I'm sure you wont want that to happen.
I saw that happen once and the bully just laughed and just dropped his gaze.
That's how you stand up in those kinds of situations. If he stands up or anything, just push them back or hit them. trust me it's worth the good feeling and the respect you'll get.
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Looking for an argument
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Its always good to use wit to disarm your opponents, watch blackadder to see a master in action. You could just walk up them and be like "have you got the hots for me or something?" Regardless of which sex they are, and if they say no then ask them "well then why the hell are you checking me out constantly" or perhaps just say to them "didn't your mother ever teach you its rude to stare". The thing with bullys is that 9 times out of 10, the victims get bullied because they act in ways that promote it, even if you do nothing. I'd confront the person but use wit.

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I have a neighbour who does the same. I just ignore him.
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Just one person?

Give them your best withering stare, and never respond verbally. The best way to combat passive-aggression is even more aggressive passive-aggression (I've mastered this technique, so feel free to contact me - I'm more than happy to share my wisdom with anyone who would listen!). That is, unless you actually want to solve the problem like a sensible, mature adult and create a more relaxing environment for everyone involved, in which case you should approach them privately to discuss possible issues that they have with you while maintaining a degree of assertiveness.

If the bully is male and you're female, though, be a bit careful. Fighting back can sometimes be like poking a bear with a stick.

Edit: Wait a minute, OP hasn't even been here since 2008. What the hell am I even responding for?

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Cool :)
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No, you don't look at them. Pretend like you didn't know they were staring at you.

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I have no clue... Some guy in my class stares at me non stop and it's creepy. He looks so angry when he stares, like he's going to jump out of his seat and kill me.
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Very difficult to ignore bullies. If they don't get you one way,they'll get you another way until they have you into submission.It is my belief that not 70, not 90, not even 99 but 100% of bullies are evil. Evil people have no apathy or show, expressany type of remorse. Most are mentally disturbed and they get a rise out of what they do. Most bullying acts could be due tohomophobia. Or originally spawned from their families. Most bullies become high school dropouts and eventually end up in jail, prison or dead. I was rather shocked one time to hear that evil people view good people as evil us good people see them as evil. Because evil sees nothing good in life. Everyone that is good, in their mind is a bad person. This helps themcope with the denial that they are doing anything wrong. Maybe this problem of bullying is burdened in our culture -- after all, Hollywoodand movies are full of nothing but hero and villian shootem ups. We even see it in romance films where the EX boyfriend is a Jerk whilst confronting the new boyfriend. Maybe our culture is really brainwashed into believing that being a bully is the norm. Movies are anything short of bad and good. Never the good! Unfortunately, those movies are only for film producers to capitalize on and we never really learn anything from them. The bullying still continues, and people in reality act just like they do in the movies. It's acarbon copy and B rated. ...and simular to TV, bullies will always try tofight you in front of an audience. So, a few things to remember. Don't let them catch your pride early. Andalways remember they are the ones in a twisted wrapper and could verywell be for the rest of their life. Always a low life, always a Loser and respectively, always a weak individual
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