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How do i tell my parents?

Hey, i have bad SA but i'm too anxious to tell my parents... What should i do? How should i say it? how did you?
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My mom was yelling at me daily about finding a job and how I'm not doing anything, got a degree for nothing. She had no idea about my anxiety neither did I kinda. I just said I need an appointment my anxiety is bad. She was like ok. Saw a general doctor and the rest is history.

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Just come right out and say it and explain it to them. It is nothing to be ashamed of; none of us are perfect. It's tough to do, trust me I know, but if should take a weight off your shoulders to tell them.

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hey, welcome to sas.

in answer to your first question, i think it's going to come down to the relationship you already have with your parents.

My mother has known about my "difficulty" with people for as long as it's been there, even before it had a name, but we're fairly close. I finally told my father last year, but mostly for myself, and my own peace, because i know he doesn't-- and even can't-- understand what it is like for me. He's a very different sort of person.

However, I'm sure you wouldn't be considering this if you didn't think your parents would care.

In that case i would suggest something like this:

find a moment where it is convenient to talk, let them know you have something going on you want to discuss, then explain what your experience has been like and why you think you have an anxiety disorder. tell them what you want them to do about it, be it support or trying to find some kind of therapy. it's quite possible they will feel helpless, so telling them what you want from them will let them know there's something they can do.

but that would be my standard advice, i don't know you, or your parents, and what would be more appropriate if the circumstances are different than i imagine from your post.

best of luck

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Straight up tell them something like "look i have something to tell you. I suffer from social anxiety".
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I totally agree with the other replies. You should just be honest with them - I'm sure they'll want to help you, right? Tell them how you feel - tell them you have SA, and encourage them to learn all about SA so they'll be well-informed about what exactly you're dealing with. Then hopefully they can find you some counselling, or get you medication.

My mom has SA too, so she totally understands how I feel. My dad is the complete opposite, unfortunately. It's really difficult and frustrating dealing with people who don't have SA themselves, because they just won't ever understand. But if anyone tries to invalidate your problems, don't let them make you feel weak or anything. You're so strong for having to deal with anxiety, and we're all here for you! If your parents can't get you a therapist, feel free to message me here. I'm not a real therapist, but just having someone to vent to is extremely helpful, and I don't mind giving advice. Good luck!
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...there's always powerpoint.

Every single choice you have ever made in your life has brought you to this exact moment,
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