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Going into my senior year of high school!!!

And Im soooo scared! School starts August 30th and now all I think about is oh no august is coming and thats when school starts! This happened last year and it got so bad that I actually developed acid reflux from so much stress and now I have stomach ulcers. Everyday before I go to school I am completly nervous. and every minute of school im nervous that something will come up where i have to say something. Its just complete stress. The stress was so bad I was even losing some hair but nothing noticeable. I dont think i can make it through 1 more year of school!

I need to do something. I want my senior year to be good but I just cant see that happening. I lost all my friends and will just sit there in school and have everyone ask questions why i am so shy. Then I dont even wanna talk about my face turning red.

My face will turn red from the slightest things. If my face just didnt turn red then I feel that my social anxiety would be gone. If someone asks me a question or talks to me my face will turn red. It never use to be that bad. All I think about is if my face will turn red this time when the teacher calls on me and of course it turns red. HELP ME!!!
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I'm going to my junior year of high school, so I'm feeling the same way. Only difference is that I start like 3 weeks before you start .

My advice is to just hang in there lol. I know, not much advice. But you have only ONE school year left and that's it. My two brothers, who already graduated from high school, said that college is way better. They said there's not much judging going on, almost everyone is mature (or getting there), and almost everyone you see there will be new and you never seen before, so you can start fresh if you wanted to.

So what I try to do is just remind myself that I got two years left and then I'm outta there! I try to remind myself that I already went through 12 years of school (including preschool and kindergarden). So, I CAN go through just 2 more years. Just hang in there. You got 1 more year though so that's even better.
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I have some people near me,
whose faces also turn red, when attention is attracted towards them.
But I never noticed, that people around them would make big deal of it or
that they even paid attention to it.
We all have different physiology and our reactions are also different.
Also there are people who are 100% confident (at least they seem confident),
but still their faces turn red when speaking or answering a question.

Because now you are having like closed circuit: you are anxious about
your face turning red.and your face turns red, because you are anxious.

In my case, I always have intestinal upset if I am worried/anxious/irritaded and so on.
Lately I found out that even if I am calm about some social events in some certain situations,
I still have this disorder just because now I am anxious about having bowel upset in some
public place.
Imagine, when this happens,I only have 5 min to get to the toilet room. And if I don't....
And for me it is like closed circuit.

You want you senior year to be good. Maybe that is the problem?
you want it to be perfect and start to worry to much about it.
You should be yourself and study well. How do you want it to be good?
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Same here bro. Only i dont think my SA is as severe as yours but i still get stressed out with all the work and socializing. I plan on making my senior year the best from high school and to have redemption for all the past years. Thats the only mindset that i would suggest you go in with but i know thats not gonna work out for you. Get some sort of help or treatment before the school year starts so you can at least reduce your SA by just a little. Hell, i'd even suggest to get on some meds just to finish off this last year of high school. Good luck.
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I'm starting my senior year aswell, on the 11th of August.
I'm not too nervous as I'm fairly popular (well with the guys).
For my second year I told myself I wanted to start talking to some of the girls in my class, but I just couldn't get over my 'complex' or what you could say. Now I've given up on that, but actually, I don't really give a ****.
Not giving a **** is a good mentality for going to a school-environment where you don't feel too secure I think.
I pretty much went to school with the 'not giving a ****' mentality for the last 4 months last semester, and it felt quite good.
I told myself, why the hell should I care what people who I don't even like think of me?
I even told off people during class, telling them to STFU when they disturbed my learning, and guess what I didn't die from it.

Hang in there dude, it's just one more year. If you're afraid people will see you as a loser, just think they have no value to you and you will probably not see them again after the semester is over. Remember you can make everyday a fresh start if you want to.
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yeah just stick with it for 1 more year and get it over with...i was the same way (except for my face turning red) h.s a *****

forget having a good year just get out of there lol
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I totally feel you on the part about your face turning red at the smallest things, story of my life! But, it's gotten better bit by bit as time goes on.

I would definitely recommend practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. The book "The Stress Answer" by Dr. Frank Lawlis is very insightful, among other things, and may be a good read for you. He goes into detail about high tech therapies and brain scans, but gives techniques for us regular folk that can help achieve similar results! I would also highly recommend meditation. I got started with a book that my mom would read to me when I was younger (I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder at eight) that had guided visualizations. Now I use a bunch of great free podcasts on iTunes such as Meditation Getaways, Meditation Station, and Relaxation from Inner Health Studios.

None of this is a quick fix, but in my experience, there really is no quick fix for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, etc. Although it will take time and perseverance, it will pay off! I have made remarkable progress in the last year. Last quick suggestion is to find a therapist/counselor that you trust and can talk to if you don't already have one. It can be talk therapy, CBT, or any other kind of therapy that you feel is beneficial in one way or another. Although I don't practice a significant amount of CBT with my therapist, it is really a big help just to have someone that I can unload my worries onto that can really get me thinking about things in an objective manner.

As far as high school goes, I know it is pretty much hell on Earth, but stick it out! I just graduated this spring, and it was such a relief to have it done and over with. Just think, you're 75% done already! I had such a nervous breakdown my junior year, that if my parents had let me, I would have dropped out and gotten my GED. Although it was a bad year, and it was really hard to go back, I'm so glad I did it and I would really regret it if I didn't finish. Despite all of these setbacks, I graduated in the top 10% of my class and have received $55,650 total in scholarships! Whether you plan to go to Harvard, community college, join the military, or go out into the work force, I promise you that you will not regret getting your diploma.

While I'm finishing up giving you my two cents, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to recognize your accomplishments. Don't compare yourself to everyone else, just you. Whether it's making an important phone call, going to school and doing your best to handle your anxiety, or anything else, recognize that you have accomplished something. Even if it's something that would be no big deal to someone else, recognize your success. And even when something goes really wrong, try to find something positive about the situation. Well, I hope some of that sacred wisdom helps haha:-) I wish you the best of luck, and feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to!

If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.

~Sylvia Plath
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I'm a soon-to-be senior, as well! I am nervous too. But excited as well. But sad, too. Because several of my close friends won't be at school, and I might not have as many people to hang out with...Like, I won't.
And I am terrified of the presentations. EEK. I just want no SA.
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