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Question First time seeing a therapist- what should I expect?

Part of me is nervous but another part is glad that I'm finally getting help. but I'm terrible at communicating with people, even with those I love and trust, so my mom doesn't know how bad my anxiety is and I'm worried that I won't be able to tell my therapist much either.

What should I expect when I go?
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My name is Dave and I live out on Long Island. I'm seeing a therapist right now and tomorrow I'll actually be seeing her for my fifth time. Yes her, not he. Anyways, to answer your question (if you haven't already seen anyone yet) your first time at the therapist might feel a little awkward and claustrophobic and it might get you nervous and you might feel a little weird. First times are always like that. I've seen a couple of therapists over the years. Eventually you get more comfortable and can I give you the best piece of advice ever? Do NOT be afraid to have emotions there. It could be ANY kind of emotion, happiness, laughter, sadness, crying. Keep reminding yourself that these people got into this business to help you and deal with emotional patients like yourself. The best thing you can do in therapy is feel because trust me there aren't many people out there in the world who will let you do that as openly and permissibly as your therapist. Seeing a therapist is really fun because if you find one that you like, like I have, they can be a dream come true. Someone you can sit down and talk about anything with and all they want to see you do is be happy and feel better. Really. Of course, it takes time to trust your therapist, and I'm in the process of doing that right now. But you'll feel your way through it.

You mentioned that you were nervous about opening up and sharing your feelings with other people and communicating. Honey, the best thing you can do with a therapist and for yourself is open up and share your feelings in any way you know how. Even if it's embarrassing and nerve-wracking. Keep reminding yourself though that these are the one kind of person in your life that you can truly be yourself without ANY consequences! This is your lucky day! Seriously! You may even suprise yourself on how well you are at communicating if you just let yourself be who you are for once instead of bottling up all that stuff inside you. It's good to let it out. Your therapist will be there to pick up all the little peices, trust me. They love this stuff! The messier their patients heads are, the more of a challange they have to straighten you out. Again, is why they got into this business.

Anyways I'll tell you how my first couple of sessions went and maybe it'll make you feel better. First time I went in. I felt very uncomfortable. I was thinking in my head "Why am I here? I've done this before. This isn't what I should be doing. This is so stupid. I don't need to be here. How did I even get myself into this mess. I don't need a therapist I just need to grow up and take care of my ****." That was outside the office before I went in. When I got in, there was a lobby and a bunch of people sitting there and I felt kind of embarrased like, oh great, all the loonies and losers crammed into one room, don't I feel like a million bucks. When I met my therapist I wasn't expecting her to be so young but I came in sat down and there was only one thing to do! lol... you spill your guts. Whatever comes out, comes out. The first thing your therapist will do is either go over the fine print of being in therapy or they'll jump right into it. First question they'll ask you is "So what brings you in here." Then. you start. You either clam up and give them nothing, or you do what I did which was tell them a huge, garbled, condensed, zig-zaggy story of whats been going on in your life that comes out all in one shot and before you know it your trying to figure out what the hell just happened. One minute you were sitting at home feeling miserable and the next minute your telling a complete stranger all the miserable details about your life. And this is supposed to help you? Of course it is. But you have to keep going. Don't be afraid to show up the second time no matter HOW awkward the first session was. I was almost convinced that this wouldn't work out with this girl but I knew in the back of my mind there was no good reason not to show up for the second or even third time. You really got to give your therapist a chance and yourself a chance above all.

Your second therapy session gets more comfortable. You get to talk more about what you talked about your first session and you get to tell them what transpired during the week since you last saw them. This is crucial for your therapy. You'll talk about all sorts of stuff but usually the crux of the conversation will be your progress throughout the week. That's what they're concerned about. Making you better. My second session was just like that. I talked about last week talked about what happened since then, then made goals for the next week. Every sessions gets better. Some you only feel like talking for a half an hour. Some you wish would never end. It's fun though.

If I could say anything to you Lupo is that you really have to keep a couple of things in mind when you go into therapy. And this isn't just stuff I'm pulling out of my ***. This is real hard-core fact. You need to not be afraid to show you are to your therapist no matter how embarassing or uncomfortable it is. They have absolutely no reason to judge you and they have no desire in their heart to judge you. So let them in. No one gets into this business if they don't have a heart for their patients. Also. You MUST be positive about the outcomes of seeing a therapist. You must say to yourself that this is the only way your going to be able to help yourself is if you get the professional help of a trained psychologist. Really, your doing yourself such a huge favor by finding help. And third and lastly, you must follow through with everything your therapist tells you to do, and trust that no matter what the outcome is of what they ask you to try, especially if it's out of your comfort zone, they have your best interest at heart and if you really want to get better you'll listen to everything they have to say. Really. You gotta trust your therapist, and yourself. And remember that even when **** hits the fan your therapist will still be there to help you.

Anyways, good luck to you. I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow and I've been waiting for the last few days to talk to SOMEONE. So I'm glad tomorrows almost here. Good Luck Lupo. STAY POSITIVE .
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I called you Honey cause I thought you were a girl, lol sorry.
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