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Fear of Being Sick in Public


Ever since I was a kid Iíve had this fear of being sick in public. When Iíve met new people or gone somewhere new I get this feeling of nausea. I now know itís a symptom of anxiety and have managed to gain some control over it, but the fear is always there in the back of my head.

What makes it worse is the expectation of feeling sick, so when I meet someone and I start feeling sick it just reaffirms my fear and so I feel more sick. Itís just my own thoughts playing tricks on me, but itís not always that easy to just ignore those thoughts.

Luckily as Iíve grown older my confidence has improved so I can control it. What also helped was developing what I like to call my escape routes.

When I go somewhere new and meet new people, I quickly scout out the place to see where I can dash off to if things start getting bad. Iíve also built up a few quick and plausible excuses to make for leaving or for distracting myself from the situation.

Over the years, just having my escape routes in place has been enough to calm me down and so I donít worry about being sick. Because I worry less, itís much less likely to happen.

If all else fails, I recommend you have some fresh mints in your pocket. If you feel like being sick, quickly pop one in your mouth. I have no real idea why this works, but it seems to remove that taste in your mouth when you feel sick and distracts your brain. Works for me anyway. Would love to hear if youíve tried it and agree!

Anyone got any more tips on stopping feeling sick?


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Emetophobia....it is also a component of anxiety.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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pain helps a lot
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i've always had that fear too, i'm amazed that it actually has a name. many of my panic attacks involve nausea and that fear makes it a spiral of " oh god i've got to get outta here before i puke"
escape has always been my best cure for panic. though not the most effective for getting over the panic attacks in general, right?

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I worry about vomiting in front of people. I worry about being trapped in a place where there is no way to escape without drawing attention to myself. When I start to feel nauseous my anxiety increases, and when my anxiety increases my nausea increases. I'll have to try sucking on a mint.
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look up emetophobia and fear of vomiting on the net, its very common, valium helps, so does carrying an airline airsick bag with you
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Yeah it's quite common. Another one that is even more common, is a fear of eating infront of people.

It's sad. All these phobias people have, screwing with our lives, and there isn't a whole lot out there in the way of solutions. Still, at least we don't live in the olden days when they would throw the likes of me in a mental instituation and poke me with pins and crap. I bet some day soon there will be a rock solid cure for all these things. Imagine, a two month course of tablets and then you are cured forever. Aahh, come on lazy scientists.
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Your Assumptions
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I used to have that. Mint flavours do help (as does keeping the body cool). I no longer experience it and have thrown up in front of people a couple of times since; they mostly express concern. I have also swallowed it.
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Hi Odd One Out,

Yeah, swallowing it and pretending that you've just coughed or chiked on something. I'm sure people think it's weird, but better than puking in front of them!

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It's called emetophobia, and my ex-girlfriend had it. It used bo be so bad that in high school she missed half her senior year and almost didn't graduate. Apparently, it can make people house-ridden for weeks.

Now she takes a low dose of lexapro and says it did wonders for the anxiety. She also carries pepto-bismal chewable tablets and a bottle of water in her purse. I guess taking a sip of water can help the nauseous feeling for some people.

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Heyy, I don't know if anyone will see this 'cos these posts were a few years ago but I've just read them and its crazy, its as if they were written by me because all the things apply to me exactly. Ive been suffering nauseating social anxiety for about 2 years now and would love to just talk to someone who has knowledge of it, thanks.
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Hey guys...I honestly thought i was the only person in the world who suffered from this so thank you...I have suffered from this since I was a child and now I am 22. I have avoided all sorts of situations and am constantly nervous about certain situations. I am a very confident person but for some reason this condition has landed me in depression a number of times. I normally drink water to help but the best cure is to know I have an escape but not always will you have one? For example bein on a plane or some sort of transport? This is when I am at worse! I love music but I could even dream of going to a concert. The same with sport, I have to sit near the escape route if I go to a football match? It's a massive issue in my life and would welcome any advice to help me overcome this anxiety...I feel for all you guys and hopefully one day we can all look back on this and feel proud we beat it! My email is deanhodgson7@googlemail.com
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Hi Dean, I am the same age as you but i havent been dealing with SA all my life only for the past couple of years. Have you thought about talking to a therapist because that what i have been doing, beginning 5 weeks ago. The only other advice i have myself is force yourself to NOT shy away from social situations, if they come up dont take no for an answer from yourself because, as my therapist told me, all you will end up doing is narrowing and narrowing your life until there is nothing left. The uncomfort, humiliation, embarrassment of throwing up in public seems like the biggest thing in the world in the moment I know but the feeling of regret and missing out is much worse in the long run.
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