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Excessive hand/feet sweating

Hows does someone just simply stop thinking about issues? My mind is constantly thinking about my sweaty hands and feet.

When I was in high school and would participate in gym I noticed even after exercise i'd be worrying about smelling and that sweating would increase sitting in the class after, but this was all over my body.

I lost a lot of weight 290lb-220lb(stayed 220 and still struggling to get to 180) in senior year and my sweating problem just seemed to go away after high school. Until earlier this year.

Earlier this year when the weather started to get warmer from winter(about april) I went to the Doctors to complain about my constantly cold and sweaty feet. Doctor did blood work, not sure what she looked for, but said everything seemed to be alright. Then it seemed to just go away, I related it to warmer weather.

In nervous situations my hands would still get moist, but I was able to power my mind over and win.

Well now that its November and colder weather is coming I think back to the spring time and worry my hands and feet will sweat again.

Now it seems im constantly sweating. If I stop thinking about it long enough for them to dry i'll be reminded of it and check my hands and feet and they'll feel dry, but not 10 seconds later i'll check again and in only 10 seconds i'll see light glistening off sweat on my palms and rub them together and feel them slide. It's ridiculous and affecting my quality of life greatly.

I wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops into my head is, gotta check my feet and hands. They're always dry, but like 10 seconds later they're wet from realizing.

Drinking seems to make it go away, even just 1 beer or 1 glass of wine. It seems to slow down thought processes in my mind and even if I think about my sweaty hands being dry, they stay dry. It's so bad i'm looking for anyway to cope, but I really don't want to become an alcoholic, but i'm so desperate like I said that i'm willing to become one if it means I can have a normal life.

I try so hard to convince myself this is no big deal, if they sweat they sweat whatever there are worse things in life. Sometimes it works, but it takes myself days.

I've related this sweating to numerous things in my life and it seems like the chicken and the egg scenario. Poker, driving, cold weather, and being awake without being drunk. I'm setting myself up for failure and I can't stop! Now anytime I play Poker, which would normally add some anxiety in big hands, I sweat. Even being out of hands. It takes me about 4 days after to recover and to feel less anxious. More like it takes my mind 4 days to convince itself nothing is wrong. If I don't think about driving and anticipate it, my hands aren't sweaty.

I know I sweat easier than others, not like hyperhidrosis sweating, but more than the average person. But never like this and never from my hands. Always feet and forehead. During exercise i'll find im sweating from every place other than my hands, my hands will actually feel dry in comparison.

I'm 100% convinced it's anxiety related and you'd think that would make the issue go away but it doesn't. In fact it makes it worse because I know I have anxiety issues so now that I have a cause for this sweating, it's happening more frequently?

I just got a job after being bored and unemployed for 4 months, i'd say this is making my stress levels higher than normal, worrying about running out of money, not having the ability to go to the Doctors, worrying about my hands and feet.

I'm crying most nights because i'm so depressed with where my life is and this depression just sucks all the life out of me to summon enough courage to change things. I know I need to make a change to feel happier, I try for a couple days but never long enough for a habit to develop. I don't eat right and should see a nutritionist to see what i'm low on. I just feel pity for myself and self-loathe, my mind is always racing 1000mph and i've suffered from anxiety as young as I can remember. I've always thought this way, while my brain is wonderful in some areas, it is a burden most of the time.

I wish I could just be oblivious to the world and everyone around me. In a party i'm never the person who just bumps into someone, i'm always aware of my surroundings. While driving i'm always afraid of the lack of control of others, never myself. My fears exist in things I cannot control. So now my fear is taking over with sweating because i've related it to a response i've tried controlling my whole life, anxiety.

I sleep 12 hours a day, really forcing myself to sleep more than 7 or 8, just so i'm awake less of the day. I avoid driving places(which sucks cause I found a job finally and start tomorrow). I'm going to avoid poker, yesterday was the last straw for me and it's not worth having sweaty hands for a whole week. But like other than self-loathing and worrying that was my hobby.

Just like my mind, this post is a scrambled mess that over analyses. I hope someone can read through it all and offer some insight.
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I'm 25, 220lbs, sugar levels are usually low(when I used to get glucose tests at work health fairs they'd be mid 90s), blood pressure is normal for me, heart rate normal. Cholesterol levels weren't bad, but the doctor did say I had too much bad and not enough good so my good to bad ratio was off.

I've had episodes where I had palpitations everyday after being aware. Thus resulting in an exercise stress test, halter monitor for a day, EKG, cardiogram. And my heart was fine. Still took a little to stop having palpitations. I was so nervous that day that I was having a palpitation every beat.

I've had issues with performance anxiety for almost a year in the past. Convinced myself it was all in my head before I summoned to courage to see a Urologist.

I no longer have performance anxiety or palpitations, hopefully my sweaty palms will become another conquered anxiety.
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Hello Alwaysthinking, I know what you mean exactly. I have just much problems with my sweaty feet.
At first you have to keep your feet dry, dry, dry! So dry them thoroughly after every washing. Additionaly use newsprint inside your shoes because it absorbs moisture. But even better: Put special cedarsoles (insoles from Zederna or furwa) in your shoes. They absorb any moisture / sweat very effectively and moreover: Cedarwood has very antibacterial features (even used in the boat-building sector). So you get rid of athlete's foot as well.
Don't be worry about it. Life goes on.
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