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I was hospitalized for depression when I was 16

and to be honest, I LOVED the atmosphere, being around other people who are suffering just like you are. It made me feel less alone. We ordered pizza, watched movies, had group talk sessions, and we actually left the ward and went BOWLING. I even got phone numbers from a few girls who were there lol......I wish I had of kept them now (I tore them up when I got home due to my high level of anxiety)

I'm 26 now and have not been to one as an adult, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss that community of so called outsiders who UNDERSTOOD YOU and were going through the SAME THING you were going through and offered support.

The entire thing felt like a wonderful vacation

I want THAT again......but, without being hospitalized of course. Lack of that type of community support actually makes me depressed thinking about it.

I'm like the loneliness person in the word right now, I honestly don't even remember the last time I left the house.

I miss it so much that I actually want to get a degree in psychology or become some kind of social worker so I can somehow get a job in a ward and back into that type of environment.

It would just make me feel good to order those kids pizzas, listen to their problems and try my best to make a difference in their lives...

sounds lame but eh, thats my dream job, I'm serious
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I spent most (7 months) of my junior yr in high school in a psych ward. My mom tried to kill herself when I was 16...think that had something to do with it. It was a really, bad experience. They had a room with one of those bubble shaped windows, where they would put you in if you "acted up". They called it the "quiet room". I remember our unit got locked down, and for 30 days we did not see the sun, did not go out to the courtyard, nothing.

They had a meeting room (process group) where a chair was bolted to the floor in the center of the room. You sat there & told them what they wanted to here. There was no getting out of it. They broke you down.

I still have nightmares about that place.
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I've thought about admitting myself and was nearly sent by a psychosis intervention team, but I managed to convince them I wasn't going insane or an immediate danger to myself, even if I've failed to convince myself. Time will tell. Sometimes I feel that being locked up in an asylum is the best solution to my problems. I probably go on about that alot here.
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I visited 2 family members in psychiatric units (not exactly filling me with confidence that i have a high chance of developing bipolar), and i hated it. Depressingaint even the word for it,

There was an underlying negative atmosphere in those places and i just wanted to gtfo. I would rather be put in a dungeon than stay in one of those places.

Plus, in Ireland, the healthcare system is very outdated, and very inefficient. Especially the psychiatric units. I found the staff to be very rude and condescending when i was an outpatient and had absolutely no people skills to be in a job like that.
So i stopped going to appointments and im thinking of going private for CBT sessions.

Cos i dont ever want anything to do with the psychiatric public system, its a load of s***.
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^ You've got to understand these "mental health workers" are actually there to beat you into shape. It's not the same as a doctor who stitches up a wound. Their job is to bully you into behaving the way you're supposed to.
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Yes. I've been admitted to a Psych ward twice. One time for an attempted suicide, the second time for a manic episode that I needed to be medicated for immediately.

Both times I thought it would be okay in there for a little while, until, both times, I broke down because I couldn't stand not being "free". Turns out - "freedom" is my number one value in life & I couldn't stand having that taken away from me.

It sucks because I'm suicidal right now. My therapist keeps saying I'm gonna have to take another trip back to the Psych ward & I keep telling him "no". I'm scared that one of my doctors is gonna force me into it again.
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Originally Posted by EarlGreyDregs View Post
Yes. I've been admitted to a Psych ward twice. One time for an attempted suicide, the second time for a manic episode that I needed to be medicated for immediately.

Both times I thought it would be okay in there for a little while, until, both times, I broke down because I couldn't stand not being "free". Turns out - "freedom" is my number one value in life & I couldn't stand having that taken away from me.

It sucks because I'm suicidal right now. My therapist keeps saying I'm gonna have to take another trip back to the Psych ward & I keep telling him "no". I'm scared that one of my doctors is gonna force me into it again.
I'm sorry they were like that. I could not take being in one. I hated it. I hope they don't force you into one. That might not be as helpful as they think. So doctors are just *******s.
I hope everything goes ok.
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ive been to one as a student nurse too. At first it felt extremely uncomfortable but then I got used to the residents. It was a hospital based one so that might explain why i didn't see much psychological interventions. They had out patient grp therapy that in-patients could participate in but on the unit there's no psycho-counseling. The only counseling you get would be from students (nurses, med/residents) which I don't think is the best idea.....and why people relapse.
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3 times. Number 4 is inevitable. If i make it.
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Twice. Both for suicide attempts. Both at 18 years old. First was 5 days, second was 10. They were terrible experiences and the only way they could of helped is by scaring me into not trying to kill myself again or id go back.

It seriously is like a prison, and we are treated like dumbasses. I felt less than human there. Being locked in with a bunch of other people with unstable personalities was very uncomfortable aswell. I was threatened a number of times by the patroling..."nurses"...? to get out of room or else id be their longer. They forced me to be outside during the activities even if i didnt participate. And besides them getting on my case the other patients would also freak out. Like "why doesnt he have do this?" or "im not going to do this if hes not!". I was causing trouble for doing nothing. And my therapist in the 2nd one was the least friendly ive ever had. She made fun of my explanations, tried to make me feel like i was a bad person, and implied that i was acting/lying. She even went off on me when i made a certain claim... Anyways this place is one of the biggest reasons i quit real life and havent left my house in 3 years.
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Been there once for a suicide attempt. They gave me the choice to either admit myself in, or have the police "escort" me in. It seemed a little much, but the doctors were frightened more about the meticulous planning that went into the attempt than the actual attempt.

The stay wasn't that bad, all things considered (Neal Stephenson's doorstop Cryptonomicon kept me occupied for most of the 6-day stay). The only difficult part to endure was all the doctors and nurses who wanted to give me their heartfelt personal stories to convince me to give life another go. All I wanted was for them to let me sleep / read until they released me.
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I went once, i had a bad reaction to seroquel and was having auditory hallucinations and delusions from it. A psychiatrist put me on it for bipolar which i don't even have, no wonder it didn't work and they gave me an insane dosage because I wasn't responding to it. Anyways spent a while in the hospital recovering from that and was a guinea pig for tons of drugs, though none helped at all. It wasnt so bad met some nice people but had some strange incidents like when someone tried to steal my shoes with me in them and a few other odd things lol.it took time for my brain to go back to normal, never experienced anything like that before or after i was on seroquel. Imo Dr.'s hand out antipsychotics like candy.
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i was involuntarily committed, not as an adolescent i was 20 .. yes i overall liked the experience .. the first few days i just slept and cried but it was nice to be away from my problems .. i didn't like some of the staff but i liked a lot of the other patients .. i thought about voluntary commiting myself a couple years ago but unfortunately i had **** insurance back then and couldn't afford it. i would absolutely do it in the future if i felt i needed to (and had the insurance or financial means). the involuntary committment process is kind of scary though, there were police and lawyers involved ..
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^ I've actually been in 5 hospitals. Twice involuntarily committed. It's really, really difficult to "get out" once your committed involunarily. It's all up to your dr at that point, really. In Texas anyway, you can try to sign yourself out. If u choose to, your dr has 24 hours to see you, & make a decision either way. It's kind of a scary situation to be in.

The last time I was involuntarily committed I called a suicide hotline. All I wanted to do was talk to someone, that's it. That was a few weeks ago. I didn't say anything about actually having plans to kill myself, but they called the police anyway.

One of the last things my psychiatrist told me before I was let go was, "be very, very careful what u say WRT self-injury, or thoughts of suicide".

So, I wouldn't say anything, to anyone, ever, about suicide or self-injury, unless your willing to be in a hospital with locked doors.
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I went, and I wouldn't go back. About the only thing they do in those places is force you to take drugs and...sit you in a corner with no form of entertainment or therapy. Like, they won't even let you sleep. Or draw, or write, really. The entire day consists of sitting quietly, talking to other patients (Not really an much better option for me, when I went, since the others basically had noting in common with me, most of them being 20-40 years my senior and there for completely unrelated reasons...), waiting for your next unappetizing meal, or useless group therapy session (Why would you lock someone up from paranoia and then expect them to share their inner emotional turmoil with a group of unstable strangers is beyond me.).

So, yeah, lame.
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sure have, first time was with a suicide attempt at age nine, then again at twelve, thirteen, and twenty one. Found it helpful nearly everytime.
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First time was when I was 17, after a suicide attempt. It was pretty sucky, because I was in solitary confinement for 2 days, with suicide watch as well. Hated it because they kept the light on at all times and a staff monitor nearby. I was a writer and poet, but what set me over the edge was when a social worker took my spiral away from me and trashed it. Took 3 big security guys to get me off of that douchebag.

Spent a month in there, first 2 weeks had no visitation rights, and my family never visited me until I got released.

I got hospitalized again in another state in 2005. The hospital there was very good and was very helpful.

Avoid public institutions that are state owned, it's like going to jail with a bunch of crazies. Spend the money, go to a privately funded institution.
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I've been to a psych. hospital for kids when I was about 10..and then when I was...11..12...It didn't help at all considering I went about three times then got sent to a group home when I was twelve...and again when I was fourteen.

My recent stay was when I was 17 on a psych. ward. I had been sleeping in my room while my Mom was at a meeting at my school. After an hour or so, she came home and said the Police and Paramedics were here and that the school wanted me to go to the hospital. It was so humiliating because my brother could hear from his room and one of the paramedics was an old buddy of his that knew me. I knew the other one as well because her daughter used to go to school with me. I had to take the ambulance to the hospital where I sat for hours waiting for a psychiatrist there to interview me then decide if I could go home. No luck since they called the psych. ward at a hospital an hour or two away to see if a bed was available and there was. They gave me the "choice" to check myself in voluntarily or be forced by the police. I just volunteered so my Mom could drive me there. I don't know the exact reason as to why I was sent there but think it was due to my truancy at school, severe depression (which I never realized I had at the time lol...).

The psych. ward was so...no helpful.

Adolescents have to go to school for two separate hours during the weekdays and all I learned was crap I already knew by 8th grade. The nurses and orderlies were just...god boring as crap. The whole unit I was on was shaped like a demented Y. Teens couldn't leave there hallway unless it was to get water or talk to a nurse. Nurses only came down our hallway when they did 15 minute safety checks and maybe occasionally to chit chat for five minutes, which was rare. You saw a psychiatrist once every week and that's about it. I did like that we had outdoor time in a fenced in area, recreation where we went to the rec. room to play pool, ping pong...play music in the little music closet, etc. and I forgot fitness...where we'd go in the fenced in area to play whiffle ball, kickball..or in the gym to work out or play some sort of indoor sport. If you were trusted, we'd go for a little walk around the hospital campus. I liked the guy that did fitness because he was so nice and outgoing. he was one of the only staff that took the time to talk to people and just act like a buddy instead of someone there to supervise us. There was also a couple nurses I liked because they were super friendly. One sat with me to play uno and talk when she had the time. Sometimes ( a couple times a week) we'd go to the library to use the computers...with actual internet that didn't block many sites like I thought they would!

Overall, it really wasn't helpful. I never got my medicine that my Doctor prescribed because the people on the psych. ward didn't think i needed it so I had to wait a week or two before they threw me on some random B.S. I had never felt so alone with so many people around me before in my life until then lol.

Adults though, I think they were lucky. Their annex (living area..tv..boardgames..) is right in front of the Nurses station so the staff often sat and chilled with them. They were talked to more instead of left in the dark

I guess it depends on who you are and what facility you're at. The one I was at was just..meh. I got diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder and they tried to convince me I did not have bipolar despite my Doctor (who I had known for roughly 8+ years) diagnosing me when I was a kid. That was all based of this test they made new patients take that was like...100 or 200 questions long. It blew because if you didn't take it, they wouldn't let you leave or have visitors.

I would voluntarily check myself in again because now I am an Adult, so treatment would be better. I have to wait until I figure out how to pay though and what to say because they don't really let people voluntarily admit themselves unless they self-harm badly or tried to commit suicide.

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It's funny, I was just thinking earlier what a miserable failure psychiatric hospitals are (in my experience, at least).

The few times I've been admitted, I was at my absolute lowest and had zero self esteem. They responded to my pain by locking me up and completely dehumanizing me. I'd imagine it's a lot what prison is like, actually.

I obviously can't speak for the other millions of people who are admitted on a constant basis, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who considers them to be a hindrance, not a help. Outpatient treatment is 10x more useful, I think. At least there you get to retain your rights and get treated like a thinking human being, as opposed to someone who has done something terribly wrong.
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never but i bet it's a fascinating place
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