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Cutting hair when stressed?

Well a couple of days ago, i saw some split ends in my hair, so i decided to trim them myself. Whenever I started cutting my hair, i felt some relief of stress. Now I cut my hair whenever i'm stressed or depressed.
Do you ever do this? Is it something I should be concerned about?
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How long do your sessions last? If they take up a lot of your time it could become a problem, like a compulsive habit, but even so I doubt it's much to worry about.
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I don't cut on my hair, but I do have a habit that Ive had since I was 10 to deal with stress. I pick at my arms. Ill have months where its really compulsive, and then times when it subsides and I only do it once or twice a week (i think i went a month without doing it before). I haven't been doing it as much lately, but i think it can definitely be a problem. In my teen years it was really bad.
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I do the same thing! I have depression and I've noticed that in the last 5 years, every time I have a major depressive episode I chop off a couple inches and then dye my hair. It's like creating a new persona and cutting off the old me.
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I just did it for the first time and it feels good! Chopped off all round more than a foot long of hair. I look better too, so i guess as long as you're still presentable and happy with your look, shouldn't be that bad. But if you hate it even more after it, i suggest seeing a counsellor.
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i get my hair dyed or get a completely new haircut when i'm stressed. gives me a sense of transformation/new beginnings. shorter hair just feels good too.

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Incidently, I just cut off at least 6 inches of my hair in one fell swoop. I think I was getting BDD about my long hair... I kept looking at it and thinking "ugghhh!". Didn't even plan it, just straightened it after my shower, grabbed the scissors and "snipsnip": gone

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