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Careers for people with social anxiety

Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate People

by Maria Hanson, LiveCareer
Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you antisocial? Misanthropic to the max? Or just someone who generally prefers his own company to that of others? If so, finding an enjoyable career can be a bit of a challenge--especially in this service-based economy.

But fear not. "There's a lid for every pot," says Helen Cooke, managing director of Cooke Consulting, a management consulting firm. "There are plenty of important and well-paying jobs that require individuals to work alone."

Every job offers its own unique work environment. You can find the jobs that best match your work personality with a free career interest test.

Let's take a look at some of the best jobs for people who would rather not work with others. Of course, some people in these occupations could be super-outgoing social butterflies, but everyone from introverts to outright misanthropes can also thrive in them.


Like plants better than people? Even the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that this occupation does "not involve a lot of ... working closely with others." A fringe benefit is that you can confide in the plants, and - unlike human coworkers - they will never breathe a word of your secrets. Median salary: $58,262


If numbers are your true friends, a career as an actuary might be your calling. The job pays well and can mean minimal interaction with people. You'll spend your days analyzing statistical data and forecasting risk and liability. Median salary: $76,121

Technical Writer

To be a tech writer, you do have to be able to effectively communicate complex information to a broad range of people. But you don't have to do it in person! Many tech-writing jobs are freelance, so you get to work from home, often communicating with clients only by email. Median salary: $66,575


If you're a funeral director, you have to deal with living people who are grieving - not a good job for the people-skills-challenged worker. But the funeral industry also has good jobs in which the people you spend most of your work day with are dead. And dead people don't give boring PowerPoint presentations or talk loudly on their cell phones all day. Median salary: $58,287

Heating ventilating air conditioning mechanic (HVAC)

This is a great occupation for people who ice over at the thought of dealing with others on the job. Contact with coworkers is usually minimal as you test equipment and try to solve heating- and cooling-system issues. Median salary: $50,480

Software analyst

If you'd rather stare at a computer than customers and colleagues, this could be the job for you. You'll be so busy huddling over computers, reviewing software specs, testing systems, and documenting steps for using software that there will be little time - or need - for major social interaction. Median salary: $63,189


Spend your days - and even your nights - alone in your truck. Median salary: $42,237


As long as you don't end up in one of the more visitor-facing gigs, like giving little kiddies tours of the exhibits, most of the time you'll be interacting with beasts of the non-human persuasion. Median salary: $32,282


It's easy to work alone when you're a carpenter. And since there's always a structure in need of repair, there will always be work for a carpenter. Plus, plenty of carpenters are self-employed, so they don't even have to deal with a boss. Median salary: $40,123

Independent consultant (of any kind)

You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and deal with people as little or as much as you need to. Don't like interacting with someone? Write that person off forever! What could be better? Salaries are highly variable.

If you want to be your own boss, take a free entrepreneur test to find out if you have the necessary personality, skills, and motivation to succeed.

LiveCareer is a leading online career destination that helps people find the right careers. Over 5 million people have used LiveCareer's products to make better career and educational decisions to improve their lives. Try the new LiveCareer Resume Builder to create a resume that gets results.
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Interesting list. I am eying Zookeeper, actually. Only problem is the closest zoo is... pretty far away from me. *pout*

My dad is sort of a trucker. He knows a lot of truckers too. That can be a VERY good job for people who don't like working around people too much. Only bad thing is you're on the road nearly 24/7 and basically live in the truck. But you do get to travel.. A LOT.. see new places. Sort of a high paced job without too much people interaction.
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I wouldn't mind being a Truck driver, i love driving long distances but I'm going to try and start my own business soon. Web Design.
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Well, I started a yard biz. It seems to suit me. I don't really do flowerbed arranging and maintenance; i just cut and go. In the fall and winter, i deal with leaves. At the beginning, i didn't see myself doing this. Like alot of dumb musicians, i thought i could play music, but that just about broke me mentally and financially. I loathe music as a business now. After working for myself, it was very hard to consider having a boss. My customers also give me other odd jobs like delivering/picking up stuff, hauling stuff away, selling household items, hanging xmas lights, etc. I get good xmas tips; that extra envelope excites me

Another choice was wildlife and fisheries or zookeeper as mentioned above. Anything with nature/animals.

House sitter - Some people travel around and take caretaker jobs all over the world. They simply house sit while rich people are away; sometimes for months at a time.
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Working for myself sounds good. I plan on starting a photography business in a couple years. I just hope I'll make enough to live on comfortably.

"Life is very long, when you're lonely."

"Sixteen, clumsy and shy, that's the story of my life."

"Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you, from doing all the things in life you'd like to."

- Morrissey
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Great topic.

Also, computer programmer / Computer Science major.
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In the end, I still don't think I would want one of these. It would just make things worse.
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Definitely not a good idea for SA UNLESS your SA is so great that it just absolutely horrifies you to be around people (like how I am with bees, I could never be a beekeeper let's say).

If you're just nervous around people, then I think its better to take a job that involves some human interaction so you can gradually try to get over your nervousness of people
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Depends on your goal. Do you want to be comfortable and not confront your SA (i.e. computer programmer) or do you want to "go for it" and, step-by-step, meet your goal? Depends on YOU. What's your goal?
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I don't hate people.
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I am a computer programmer and even though you don't go to a lot of meetings you are surrounded by people who sensing your weakness take sport in humiliating/bullying you since you can't effectively fight back( if I could just punch every one, girls included, who bullied me no one would mess with me). If you don't want to be around people you can't work in an office environment.
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Actuary looks kind of interesting.

Thanks, rubyruby!

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you."

-Dale Carnegie

"Nothing changes when nothing changes."

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
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Sign me up for the Undertaker.
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Only problem is not everyone who has SA hates people. I love people, and the social aspect of the jobs I've had was usually the best part once I got comfortable with my coworkers. I don't think hiding in a solitary career is a wise move for someone with SA.
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I don't know Jeff, a solitary career helped me get confidence and pay off nearly 30k in credit card debt. I guess i see it differently. I want to work alone, because i can be efficient that way. I've had my share of jobs, and I never excelled at the team player concept. I just don't want to work in a group. I can envision how to get from point a to point b with no distractions, and people just mess that up. I'm speaking about work here, not life.
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