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Default Can't think of what to say on the spot

Responding to someone is such a huge task, it seems if I go to the gym, someone just simply asking "are you done with that" triggers my brain into panic and I can't think of what to say and usually will quickly panic and say something like "yeh its all yours", but it will feel weird saying it - like it doesn't feel natural, anyone else feel like this?
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Yeah, I do this a lot. It's like I go into panic mode, just like you said, even sometimes with something as simple as "How was your weekend". I think the panic I get & the total inability to respond at all, until I just blurt something out that hopefully makes sense...I'm thinking that probably has a lot to do with my stuttering sometimes also. Strange because I didn't used to be this way. MY SA got really gradually more & more severe over the last 10 years. I didn't used to stutter, I mean, never. It's frustrating, because, for me at least, the more I try to avoid it, the worse it seems to get.
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Yes. u not alone bro. I feel same, and later I think I should've responded this way. I don't know what happens on the spot.
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