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Thumbs up Being alone is healthy!

Being alone it healthy in every way!
However, it all depends on the reason you are alone...

Are you alone because:
- You are afraid of socializing
- You really love it
- You are recharging

That said!
Each time when you are alone, have in mind that if your wonderful solitude is based on the fact that you are afraid of being with people, that it when it becomes unhealthy, and I think that is what many websites refer to when they say that being alone is unhealthy.
The loneliness itself isn't bad at all, but if the loneliness is a result of anxiety and etc, which leads to depression, mental problems and etc, that when it leads to health problems and that's when it's HEALTH PROBLEMS

So people remember, that being alone it great, because you avoid all the *****y negative judging from people and the retarded rudeness from *****y people, and best of all you have nobody to influence you and modify your behavior and etc. so they can be happy, based on you.
Having a pet is fantastic ( I don't have one, but I'll get one as soon I grow up and live by myself, because my parents are really against it). A pet, I refer to a dog , is not judging and loves you as you are.

So that all said, live life as you want to live it. Take me as an ending example. I love being alone because literally all of my friends are rude and judging nonstop even after VERY MANY attempts to correct them and speaking to them, but that's another story(just PM if you want to know anything special).


Get busy dying or get busy living
- The Shawnshank Redemption
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I already know this, but you'd be hard pressed to convince a lot of people that this is the case
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It is sad how long it took me to take this in and understand it. Today I still have relapses when I'm alone and my unconscious mind such gets me worried. "No one loves me" etc.

I wish people were more like dogs. It's really is funny stupid we humans can be and actually are. Generally. I mean look at us. We can't resolve problems with our selves and social stuff, but we're trying to solve the biggest mysterious in history.
Meaning of live, how big is the universe, do other civilizations exist. We are a pathetic breed, but we are also very beautiful including everything else.
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Yes I think being alone to an extent can be healthy for you, especially if you're an introvert because then you can use that time to gather your thoughts and recharge from socializing. However spending too much time alone with your own thoughts can lead to mental health problems and even more anxiety. It's good to keep a balance of getting out there and having time to yourself. As humans, we're social creatures! Some more so than others lol.
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Yup, by being alone you are in fact avoiding a lot of what makes this world so **** sometimes. Its healthy, in a way. If only I could see it that way, things would be a lot easier. : /

You've also learnt what most people struggle and could not even contemplate to survive on your own, and not rely on other people.
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Yes, but not all the time. People need human interaction and there are positive influences.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I need it the most." - Swedish proverb

"Society is like a crowd in carnival costumes with everyone fearful that others will see through his disguise." - Vernon Howard.
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I'm alone because:

I don't really like people all that much.
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I just can't stand being around loud people.
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Theres nothing wrong with it. my need to socialize comes from an overwhelming fear of looking back and realizing i had not made the most of life
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Doing things alone can be fun for a while, but that is only temporary. Human beings are social, it is embedded in our genes. If we did not have problems with being alone then we would not be here in this forum.

Being alone for too long is such a miserable experience. Being stuck at home not doing anything at all except for the daily ritual I do everyday, there is just a point where I start looking at myself and can't just help but feel pathetic.

I sometimes put the blame on others just so I can feel better, but there comes a point when I just notice that this has been going on for so long, could it be me that is the one to blame?

I go through bouts, there are times when I feel alright being alone, times where I pretend to be happy. But by doing this, I am pushing myself deeper into a cycle that seems to never end.

It's as if i'm denying that I have to do something in order for something to happen, not wait for it.

Right now I am waiting, I don't have the will to act, just yet.
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Im alone because i have nobody to socialize with, im not scared of it.

Do you miss me, miss misery?

On the pursuit of happiness..
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I can not deny that we - humans are very social animals. We are a specie which live in packs/herds and that's how nature - I guess wants us to be and remain.
However, sometimes it can be too much. Socializing like being a drug addict and spending waaay too much time with others can as well be unhealthy.

Of those who read my first starting thread post all the way to the top - if I didn't make anything unclear, I think I maybe pointed out that being alone is always healthy, always.
Why? Well, being alone isn't just about recharging and getting your thoughts together, but it's an difficult art that everyone should master. Being alone is much harder then being with people. You are all dependent on yourself. Being with people and in groups is an art within itself as well. However, easier in various ways, and I think it's self-explanatory and most people maybe agree?

Being solitary is very dangerous. That's why many people I guess avoid it. Many people say that too much alone is unhealthy. The reason it's unhealthy is because people lose control. When they lose control, they also lose their rational thinking, which then of course leads to being a little too desperate and etcetcetc.

So...the only way being solitary too much can hurt you is if you , lose control and start doubting yourself and what you think/know is right

Compare Runescape's Wilderness as being alone. You travel far and short, both east and west, and you enjoy all your time alone. You fight hill giants, moss giants, red dragons, demons and etc. When time comes, you're lost - alone - fighting for your life to survive. You become desperate to find people. People who can save you. You offer them everything, your armor, your loot, your inventory, absolutely everything, and it ends with them exploiting you.

In some way, this can be related to being solitary. I, myself experience relapses when I'm alone for longer periods of time, but I get myself together and say, that period will pass, and of course it passes. When it passes, and I start feeling great and happy again, still alone. I am back rational, and "well-thinking", and heads up straight, like a new person just rose.
That way I avoid doing anything stupid, and I also become stronger - mentally.

There is no doubt that you will experience those bad days when you feel sad/mildly depressed and have a great need for people, but if you start thinking too much about it. You will lose grip of the situation, and things will go out of hand, if you for instance haven't pondered about it earlier. Then most likely, everything is going to go askew.

People should enjoy being social and being together with people, but remember that it's "better to be alone, than with anybody". So maybe in those periods of great despair and having that big need for people, do some thinking and don't rush. If you beg and please to get some socialization, you will most likely enjoy it in the beginning, but.... You enjoy some hours and realize, "what a complete idiot I was today". So desperate, so stupid, so pathetic. I didn't even like them...
PS: If people here only knew how much I was doing this only one year ago...

So People, I just want to end this by saying.
Be with who you love to be with, try changing them if you must, but do not force them. If they are equally important to you as you are too them, then time is worth it. However, if they don't wish to change, but still keep on doing "their stuff". You do your stuff, enjoy your life and NEVER, EVER EVER feel bad because of others pathetic psychology techniques to make you feel bad, and them better. That's just retardation...

So remember
Better alone than with anybody
- I have no idea.
Get busy living or get busy dying
- Andy Dufresne
People have a nice day

Get busy dying or get busy living
- Andy Dufresne
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