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Deep questions to ask a girl who is my friend

I want to be close to her, and small talk can be so dull.

Please throw out some deep questions to ask girls, and I'm a deep deep guy with a huge love of sciences, etc
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Sciences eh? I was gonna say a joke on oxygen and potassium but it would only be OK.

I don't know really. Wouldn't asking any question feel like small talk? I mean I would think asking deep personal questions would freak her out? I don't know.

Not very good at this.
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"Mind if I ask you some deep questions?"
"What is the greatest depth at which sea creatures are known to live?"
"How far down does the largest mine shaft go?"
"Umm... What?"
"Can you name a Jules Verne novel?"

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Just ask her "What is the meaning of life?", or if she knows the tale of the edmund fitzgerald.

Ask her if she ever thinks about the potential long term impact our species uncontrolled population will have on our planet is positive or negative?

Why do you want to ask these questions anyway?

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1. I like to ask people what makes you happy.
2. Any question that can't be answered with a yes or no.
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SteinerOfThule has a very good point, deep discussions don't necessarily just spawn from single questions, how about just letting the conversation flow, if it does that, and then try directing it towards deeper or more profound topics.
I got an idea; ask about music, and then how it makes her feel or something. Don't just be asking questions though I guess it'd be optimal to have something you can offer to the conversation as well.

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