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Unhappy Hi guys

Hello guys my name is Steve. I am currently an 18 year old in his last year of college (High school for Americans). I have began to felt worse over the last few years due to a lack of friends. I've always never really had many friends but I was always able to cope okay but recently I've just realised how bad my social situation has been. I've lost a lot of friends over the last few years and a lot of this is mostly my fault due to the fact that I could be quite annoying sometimes and have a strange sense of humour. However, my friend used to egg me on to do this annoying things and I kinda went along with it as a joke but I can't really stop being friends or get mad at him because he's probably the only person I talk to often. Basically my life is just the same everyday and I really struggle to enjoy the things that I used to, life is just getting me down at the moment
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Hi Steveo1236. Welcome to SAS

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ...Eleanor Roosevelt
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Hey and welcome! Try to find some new hobbies that may interest you. Even if it turns out that you didn't enjoy it much, at least you can say that you tried something new.

Drawing, or find a new TV show or movie, play a new video game, take up exercising, challenge yourself to talk to one stranger per day. Collect something, learn a new skill no matter how small, anything!
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Welcome, SteveO1236!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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The same thing happened to me. I used to be okay with not having many friends. Lost the little bit of friends I did have, still didn't bother me. Woke up one day and it hit me like a truck. I was lonely and had no friends or emotional connection with anybody other than my family. At times, not even them. I didn't realize how bad it was until I would be out and about and seeing people laughing and having a good time with their friends. Then I'd look over my shoulder and no one was there. No one to call, text, email, meet up with. No acquaintances. There were days I wouldn't even utter a word. How does a whole day go by without one saying a word? & ive been lost, friendless and lonely ever since.
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Your first mission is to find out if your social anxiety is a result of trauma, or if you've always been that way (i.e since toddler age).

If your SA is because of trauma (in short: being bullied, or doing a school presentation and completely flubbing it, or similar things) you can work this out with a therapist and will probably get a lot better.

Having SA since early childhood is much harder to fix, but not impossible.

might not be the best advice, but start talking to yourself (when you're alone, unless you don't mind people thinking you're nuts). I feel it relieves my loneliness a bit.

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Yeah I get you. I feel like I was living a delusion for years about how bad my situation was and just assumed I would grow out of it. I'm sure you will get through it
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