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Why do you want to win the lottery?

For those of you who want to win the lottery, why would you want to win?

My goal would be to win over $250,000,000 because I am young with no job so I need more money than say a person near retirement age who has money coming to them from retirement and on average has lived more than half their life. Also due to lottery taxes that take away some of the winnings.

So far in life I think I've had more negative luck and nothing extraordinarily lucky, so I figure I'm due to get extremely lucky sometime soon.

Why do I want to win? My SA has me not working and from this I also don't drive thus I don't do much in life I want to. I'm on SSI but what they give I can't live on. I live with my parents but crave being independent but due to not driving and no income this is impossible.

If I won I'd buy a very large house so never again will I hit my head on the wall and have plenty of space for my stuff. I'd have a personal driver so I can go anywhere I need to. I can go places and meet people, live on my own and be proud of myself, and hopefully get my life together and feel like an adult.

Winning that much in the lottery would almost be like saving my life, because right now it's almost like not living and I know people want me to find success in life.
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It wouldn't just set me up for life I could also make sure my son get's all the op's I never had. Plus if I had millions of dollars all of a suden girls would find me attractive.
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So I don't have to hold a ****ty job.

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Just $250,000,000 eh?

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So that I could quit my job which I HATEEEEEE

I'd use the money to either start my own business or just enjoy life...which to me means going to grad school for my PhD.

Yep, if I won the lottery I'd go get a PhD.

And I'd make sure to have enough saved to put my kids through ivy league schools when I have a family.

I'd also spend 1 mil on a nice house and car - nothing too fancy - but probably donate more to charity to make up for it...
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So I can call my supervisor one morning and sing the opening song for the Jeffersons.

troll: man, we got a lot of snow
yooper: eh?
troll: three feet, man!
yooper: yah
troll: no school, man, it was sweet
yooper: you closed school for three feet of snow?!?!??!?
troll: you like excessive punctuation, don't you?
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roivas yromem eerf lla
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to unload my vengence upon thee and thou will know why
thou will know no nno no maybe. I want us to live xithout struggling,
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So I can do whatever I want, travel and help my family. Try make life better for my extended family.
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i'm not working and am having trouble finding a job and if i can't find one i'll have to leave the uk within a matter of months cos i'm not eligible for any government money and i only have enough savings to last a limited time.

so yeah that's why i want to win. i don't play though, so
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For the money

Always nice to have a bit of a cushion for peace of mind. Wouldn't go out and buy anything though. Would be awesome to be able to do a bunch of charity too. Could be like a real life Santa.
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So I can help out the people I love, and not have to worry about money. I wouldn't buy anything crazy, I'd just pay off my parent's debt and then move away and start a business and invest and actually enjoy life.

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I wouldn't mind winning a few million. I'd buy myself a small farm somewhere in Tibet or rural China and rot away my last days there.
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If I won I would pay for college for my brother and me. Then I'd use some of it to start out my life, get a new car, get my brother a car, etc. I'd still work, 'cause if I didn't I would go crazy with nothing to do. Or I'd continue my education.

"Darlin' forever is a long time, and time has a way of healing things."
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Its dawn here
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Enjoy spending that huge sum earned without any effort...
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Originally Posted by RAJVINDERKAUR View Post
Enjoy spending that huge sum earned without any effort...

Just kidding, just kidding. Or am I?!

No really, no offense meant.
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Financial security for the rest of my days would be nice.

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Et toujours debout
Je suis celui qui va jusqu'au bout
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So I can just not work. I get nothing positive from the workplace.
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I would love to win the lottery. I have expensive taste so I think I could adjust quite easily. I would love to be unemployed. I would have an apartment in Paris and spend part of the year there. I would donate money to cat rescues.
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Out there...
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Just so I can say I won the lottery before I got struck by lightning.
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^Thats very optimistic, like me. I would find something like fulfilment, since almost all my life goals are with money
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