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root canal anxiety

Being anxious and lazy for the past 4 years has led me to get a root canal done tomorrow.

I had a temporary filling put in about 4 years ago (it must have fell out about a year ago) and never bothered to get it checked up. At the time when it fell out, it was painless.

This past weekend i've been going through excrutiating pain from that one tooth, where it somehow spread to the whole side of my mouth. I went to the dentist today and she said i needed a root canal.

Somehow the procedure itself doesnt scare me, it's the fact that i'll be getting the novacaine injected in my gums. I would much rather have anything else injected into my arms, but thinking about my gums is driving me crazy! Even though i wont feel the injection, just imaging the needle going through and feeling the pressure of it drives me nuts. I havent really been getting much support from my friends either. hearing "it hurt like hell" is the common answer i would get so i lack support that i really need from my friends
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Hey, I recently had my first gum injection experience. I was totally dreading it too. However, it really, really wasn't that bad. Was only mildly discomforting. I hate these people who go round scaremongering about things like this.
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Normally they will use a topical anesthetic to numb the site where they inject the novacaine. It helps but does not eliminate the sharp prick. It's usually not too bad.

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re: root canal anxiety

I just had this done. Really, it's not that bad. The first shot will hurt, for sure, but it lasts less than a minute, and you will get a topical number beforehand to take the edge off. Besides - consider what's worse: a minute of pain, or an ongoing gum infection? Tooth extraction?

Nah, you'll be fine. Just focus on something else while they give you the shot.

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re: root canal anxiety

Yeah, that would scare the hell out of me too. I can't stand dentists. Everything they want to do is sadistic.

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re: root canal anxiety

Before having novacaine for the first time, I was beyond concerned about the experience. Though it's not the most pleasant thing one will do in a typical day, after the first or second time, it's routine.

The one thing that can make a dental appointment difficult is being tense while the dental work is being done. If one is relaxed, it should go relatively smoothly.
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