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Social anxiety

Okay so you guys let me know what you think and what I should do. So I was in my biology class today and my teacher is doing this annoying thing where he first guesses a number himself and he gives every one of us a number to guess and if we pick the number he has on his mind then we have to go up to the board and solve a problem which is Punnett squares. Last class I went because everyone had used all the numbers already so there was no choice and I completely embarrassed myself because I didn't know how to do it. Today the same thing happened to me my luck is so bad that when he called me to guess a number the number I chose was the number he had on his mind idk if he lied or something but really?? The first try?? Ughhh and so I go up and again I didn't know how to do lie before I was so good at doing them but I completely forgot how to do them and so I go up to the board and embarrass myself yet again and I was just so confused and I get extremely nervous when I have to go up in front of the class everyone is so smart there and I feel so dumb and left out and I got so many tries wrong he even explained it to me but I didn't understand and he told his monitor "please help her, this poor thing is confused and she needs help" that made me feel so ****ty and even more embarrassed I just sat down because I it was just too early in the morning I have that class first thing in the morning and that just got my mood down completely I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone and I tried avoiding everyone that's in that class. I don't want to go to that class ever again I'm debating on going or skipping that class because he wants to do it again. Idk how to get this off my mind let me know what you guys think
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I have had similar experiences. If you want to, just leave a course evaluation at the end of the semester, saying that he did that. My school has those and it is anonymous. Hopefully your school has the same thing and takes them seriously.
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I think the teacher should quit their day job.
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