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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
Interestingly I had the opposite thing as a child. My dad didn't want me to have a christening etc because he wanted me (and my brother,) to decide what religion we wanted when we were adults. As a child I cried about that once but only because I thought Jesus wouldn't love me. I also felt left out because my cousin had all those events and went to a Catholic school (my mum's side were Catholic, not super religious though, but yeah.)

My aunt randomly told me once (seemed like she was justifying herself to me,) when she was driving me back from somewhere that the reason she had my cousin christened was because she had a lot of trouble concieving and then my cousin was finally born premature and in intensive care, and she prayed for her to be OK.

Anyway I grew out of Christianity as a teenager.

Also this is the wrong section for this thread....
I'm sorry, it must have been difficult to feel so left out.

I feel like I was born a disbeliever; once I figured out the truth about Santa Claus it seemed obvious to apply the same to Jesus. Only after my baptism did I actually try to force myself to fit the "perfect Christian boy" mold -- and broke myself in the process. I wish my parents had given me a choice, or at least taken me seriously when I told them I didn't want to go to church anymore.

Don't pray for me; I found myself when I lost my faith! -Tyler Glenn, "Devil"
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yes in the catholic church when I was an infant, but my parents changed to seventh day adventist but I never chose to get baptized in that because it had strange beliefs for me, they were strict, they said in my church no dancing (doesn't matter because I don't do it but still), no going to movie theater, no going to roller coasters (still did though), no sex before marriage and no masturbation (the masturbation part I do and will continue to do)
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