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I took 20 mg of propanolol before the wedding (I was best man and had to participate in the ceremony AND was expected to make a toast). I was terrified that standing up on the "stage" during the ceremony my leg would start to uncontrollably shake and I would have to leave and ruin the ceremony etc. I was also terrified that my voice would freeze and crack during the toast. Fortunately none of this happened - I could definitely feel the propanolols effects. I have now decided to talk to my doctor about getting it "officially" (my current 'stash' is from a trip to a Mexican pharmacy.
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What are your folks' weight? I plan on taking 15MG for a big dinner I have.

I'm quitting drinking !
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I recently went to the doctor's to get something for social anxiety. I was prescribed Lexapro, and this for use as needed. I haven't started Lexapro yet, but I've used Inderal a few times and it works great! I told my doctor about an instance where my social anxiety really was holding me back: critique in class about other students' final semester documentaries. I knew I had some valuable things to add to the discussion, but when it was my turn to share, my mind went blank (along with usual physical symptoms) and I basically just repeated what others said to be done. When I swallowed an Inderal an hour before class, I was really surprised by how I was able to look my classmates in the eye, tell them what I liked and thought they could improve in a revised version of their documentaries, and not just one thought at that. It didn't rid me of the anxiety completely, but I mainly am held back by physical symptoms regardless of the way I think of a situation, and this helped tremendously. At this point I haven't had any noticeable side effects, so I would strongly recommend this.

I've used this three times so far, three days in a row. I know people have said it's not effective for everyday use.. is that because of building tolerance?

Also, I assume this isn't safe to use before drinking, is that the case? I'm playing an open mic at a bar tomorrow night with my band and though I wasn't planning on mixing the two tomorrow, that would work out pretty well if it is safe.
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Originally Posted by socialolive View Post
my first post...
I have SA and suffered for years when giving a presentation (and in many other situations). This was very detrimental since I had chosen a profession that involved a lot of presentations! I had to change professions. In the last 2 years, I discovered I have tachycardia and started taking propanolol. It has completely changed my life. I don't have the same level of general social anxiety and for the most part, my performance anxiety is manageable. The only thing is that my sleep has been disturbed from the propanolol. I am often very groggy in the morning and end up drinking coffee to help me focus etc. B/f taking propanolol, caffeine would often kick start the tachycardia, now I can drink caffeine and it's OK.

Interestingly, I only take 20 mg of propanolol per day, a very low dose.

Discovering that propanolol helped me was my my first step in accepting that "social anxiety" is largely biologically based. You need to consult with a doctor b/f taking propanolol b/c it is contraindicative for some things. Many musicians take it about 1 1/2 hours b/f a concert.
You have given me SO MUCH HOPE. I also have problems when giving a presentation, and my line of work is all about presentations, public interviews and speeches. I have suffered for years: sweat, hands shaking, neck spasms (this last thing is the worst) I couldn't even look at someone directly because my neck would shake, and it was really noticeable. I couldn't avoid the presentations so I suffered so much... after a few minutes I went into a "zombie like state" where everything seemed like a dream and then I could talk, but didn't concentrate very well, I just wanted it to be over. I ended up quitting my job (imagine that) because I was honestly exhausted. I don't have a big "mental fear", sometimes I really want to talk and express my ideas, but the symptoms prevent me from doing so.

I am SO mad at my therapist! I have been seeing him for 3 years and he's always told me that regular exposition to the situation was the only thing that could help, I spoke to him about taking medication and he said it wasn't necessary and that I should drink some tea and maybe a muscle relaxer, I did it, it didn't help at all. So I've just decided to take things in my own hands since no one is helping me, I just bought propanolol (40mg) and I plan to take it next time I have a meeting (I have this project in January, (my first one as an independent consultant) and if works then I'll be able to look for a formal job again, I really hope it helps
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Very good for physical manifestations of anxiety

Inderal is great for physical manifestations of anxiety: shaking, racing heart beat, nervous tics, but doesn't make you psychologically less anxious. Not surprisingly it is used a lot by performance musicians, news readers and actors. I find it useful in managing tough business negotiations (so my anger doesn't get out of control and I keep my cool) and public speaking, but nothing beats valium for psychological anxiety and as a muscle relaxant, my first choice (prn). The only downside to Inderal is that if you take too much you can feel extremely tired and somewhat depressed and lethargic. If you need to be on your toes, pyschologically, it may be better for you as benzos can blunt you mentally and slow your thinking.
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The combo of inderal and xanax/clonazepam is probably the ultimate social anxiety killer though its kind of heavy duty for daily or near daily use IMO and is probably best reserved for presentations, job interviews etc. I have to say though that although this stuff is pretty bulletproof for such situations there does seem to be a tradeoff in terms of a lingering depression, lethargy, forgetfulness that seems to surround those events where I take this double combo. While benzos can interfere with memory and induce drowsiness I get the feeling that much of this is due to the inderal. Just a hunch and it might be related to my normal daily routine (reboxetine and clonazepam) but i suspect it might be the fact that propanolol crosses the brain barrier quite readily in comparison to other beta-blockers that it might have more of a central effect that, in my case at least, is a little unpleasant. In the future I would like to acquire and experiment with a beta-blocker without the CNS effects.
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I was prescribed klonopin .5mg daily in the a.m. and then .25 in the after noon to start winding down. I stayed on this for about 2 years and as I do not have an addictive personality when it comes to the benzos, I actually took less as in sometimes I didn't take the klonopin at all if I knew I was going to have an easy day with no stress. I was taking xanax but that is too easy to just take one every time I got a little frustrated with life so the kolonopin is a more smoothed out all day ride but I feel that somedays I don't know if I will need it or nt so I don't like to take it.

Then we moved to the UK where they are anti benzos and I suffered for months with all of lives normal stresses of moving internationally and the stress of not having meds. it took me months to "dr shop" til I found one that was willing to put me back on the kolonopin. It took me months to stabilise. Then after 1 year in the UK, we moved to the middle east and I am now in the same boat! First the dr called me a 'Drug Addict' for wanting the kolonopin, even though I have 3 years of medical records from a Psychiatrist in the USA. SO they are making me go through the normal routine of starting from ground zero, first the anti depressants, I am a lot of things, but I AM NOT depressed! Anything I take on a daily basis makes me tired, zoned out, headaches and basically DEPRESSED!

What really pisses me of is that the GP's think they know more than the Specialist, in this case an American Psychiatrist working at a Behavioural Hospital. That is so annoying.

SO, here's what I got...I can buy Propranolol (Inderal) over the counter here - crazy - and I remember being given this at some point in my long crazy life so I am just hoping that if I take this daily that it will help me with the physical symptoms when I start to have a panic attack (get angry).

I'm just trying to gather peoples experiences and dosages. The thing I like about xanax is that I don't have to take it every day and I only take it when needed so maybe 2 x a week depending on my life. with kolonopin, you have to take it before the problem because it takes too long to kick in, I don't really get any effect from diazepam, which is weird but maybe the dosage is too low.

SO - should I just take the proponolol every day just to be on the safe side as in it won't be much help to me once Im in a panic attack

I am in no way addicted to pills, I'm addicted to having the pills in my medicine cabinet for should I need one.
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tolerance level of propanolol

hi people

I have been taking propanolol 10mg for the past 5 years.

I develop social anxiety since when i was 15 and have only been prescribed this medicine since 5 years ago and i must say it totally cure my symptoms of hand tremors and heart palpitations. But i still have my social sweats which are terrible. can i do anything to control these sweats?

Also, recently, i found that my usual dosage of 10mg might not be as effective as before. I will sometimes feel the tingling in my hands coming back. is it juz me or is there a tolerance level for propanolol.

Can some doctors advise me?
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Alot of my anxiety is to do with the physical symptoms, and this med is the shiz let me tell you ! Every symptom I have is either gone or drastically reduced. I use to not be able to concentrate or do much for half the day because of pure exhaustion thanks to anxiety. Now I can literally do 2/3x as much.

This does nothing for the actual anxiety let me just say, but it stops you from feeling like you've just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after every anxiety provoking situation that you come across.

Oh yeah, and someone mentioned something about dopamine, well for some reason I am finding myself happier now than I have been for a while. (could be related, or could just be that I'm not so knackered and there's a placebo effect in action who knows) You can't spell propranolol without the lol after all

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I suffer from SA ..General Anxiety etc

I have tried to take a speech class numerous times but always dropped the class because of the anxiety and nervousness.:I went ahead and registered for the class again and Have a few speeches I must give..I am already so nervous and its more than a month away before my first speech.
My Psych prescribed me .5mg of clonazapam..which I have't taken yet..How much should I take to get me through the speech.. I know everyone's different. I weigh 190

I will see my psych again.. should i ask her for inderal also? If so can I take both pills i read a few posts saying they work well together.

Also i would just be taking these pills for certain type of situations, not for daily use.

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I have had very good experiences with propanalol. If your main issue is the physical manifestations of anxiety (shaking, sweating, pounding heart, stammering), you will be delighted by this medication! It really reduces/eliminates those physical effects. Unlike benzos, it doesn't make you too fuzzy. I do get very tired after taking them, and a little depressed, but this is a small price to pay for the relief. I would definitely try it out. It has a long record of safety and you don't have anything to lose.
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First time poster. Propranolol 20mg

Hello all. I'm a first time poster here and my story can be a bit lengthy. I'll try to give the short version. I'm 35 years old and have suffered with major anxiety for 10 years. I'm currently taking 1mg of clonopin a day and have recently been prescribed 20 mg of proranolol. I've read many threads here and am on the fence about taking the propranolol. I do have an exellent psych who is willing to work with me on my meds but I DO NOT respond well to ANY SSRI's!

With that being said I'm wondering if anyone has had positive effects with the combination of both. Here is my problem. My resting heart rate is 49. My family doctor says its because I'm in excellent shape (which I am, I work out nonstop) All I need is something to stop the physical symptoms of my anxiety. The physical symptoms I have are: holding my breath, dizziness, confusion, major fight or flight feeling ect....

I'm very apprehensive on taking my propranolol and I know it won't help the mental part of my anxiety but I feel if I can get the physical part under control the mental part will soon follow. Also I don't knkw if I should start off on 10 mg as I am very sensitive to medication or should I start out on the full 20 mg. ANY help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks all and God bless.
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Yeah, propranolol is great. It got me through public speaking with no panic attacks or sleepless nights!
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This medication is mainly for panic disorder. If you have real panic attacks from anxiety (skyrocketing heart rate, buzzing feeling in hands, shortness of breath, light-headed, nausea) then this medication is extremely effective. It works by blocking nor-epinephrine (adrenaline) which is the cause of panic attacks. I take 20mg along with a low dose of kpin/Ativan before business meetings and it saved my career.
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Originally Posted by frodocloud79 View Post
Despite what we may perceive as debilitating, classical music was actually much more popular in Western cultures before people started using beta blockers for performance anxiety…. I think that over the course of our lives, we can learn to use the adrenaline that we experience during our performances to enhance our performances, and that we can even learn to enjoy the experience of adrenaline during a performance or an audition.
You clearly have not suffered from true social anxiety or panic attacks. A little bit of an adrenaline rush (say, what you feel when you ride a roller coaster) does not even come close to that near-death feeling true performance anxiety sufferers experience.

That said, propanolol is an absolutely incredible drug for those who need to take the physical edge off. I'm one of those choke-on-my-words, pass-out-in-front-of-people public speakers. When I take a propanolol, I can still feel my mental anxiety rising as performance time approaches, but the physical symptoms do not follow. The drug works by, in layman's terms, essentially blocking the chemicals that make your heart beat too fast. If you're the type that starts to blush and feels the whole room staring, which exacerbates your racing heart and blushing and makes your head spin faster and faster and faster... propanolol can help to halt that anxiety-spiral. Although it doesn't actually reduce mental anxiety symptoms physiologically (it works on body chemicals, not mind chemicals), knowing that physical anxiety-spiral is under control is enough to nearly eliminate my mental anxiety. However, as others have mentioned, if your mental anxiety symptoms are still intolerable, you may need additional medications (xanax or other).

I recommend you try it out in a mildly anxiety-provoking situation to test its effects and see how it works for you. In my experience, doctors are pretty open to prescribing it as it's a relatively harmless and non-addictive medication.
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I also take propranolol for special situations like public speaking or interviews, dating lol

it helps a lot, is great, it also works wonders with a glass of alcohol before the event, your social anxiety goes away completely, especially if is only mild like mine .. of course propranolo alone only treats the physical symtopms

I want to try clonzepam and read that the combo clonazepan 0.5 + propranolol is perfect for public speaking .. anyone have experiences with this combo?
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Works wonders. My voice doesn't crack anymore.
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do i really need to go to a doctor before using this drug?
because some site it is so dangerous if it is not prescribe by a doctor
i want to speak fluently in class so i cant finish my studies or else gonna drop again.
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Is it okay to take Inderal every day?
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