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Okay, I'm up to 150 mg now for a week or so. Here's what's changed.

- I shake / tremor noticeably more.
- It's hard for me to maintain focus on ONE thing. Instead I juggle like 3 conversations (it would be 0 mind you a year ago, lol,) the internet, work, etc. It's impacted my work negatively. If one thing in the corner of my eye catches the slightest bit of my attention, I might not leave it alone for like an hour. This could be a conversation that I don't really need to bother with, posting on this forum when I could be working, etc etc.

- A bit harder to sleep now, even after already having trouble sleeping.

- WOW I just say what's on my mind and don't care. I already kind of felt this way after starting venlafaxine, but it's even more intense now.
- Further improvement in word recall and forming sentences that are easier for others to digest. This might be a benefit from just talking a lot more, though.
- If I can manage to devote my attention to just one thing, my focus levels become very adderall-ish. Def a good benefit there

U got dis
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Has anyone taken this with abilify?? That's my pdoc's next plan in completely avoiding prescribing me a stimulant.

I've heard Effexor, abilify and Wellbutrin is a very good combo. Anyone had experience with this? I never found Effexor to be helpful before but I was taking it on its own
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