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Thumbs up Ashwagandha works for anxiety!

I ordered Ashwagandha last week and I got it the other day. I used it yesterday because I got invited to the cinema by an old school friend. I took it an hour or two before I met her and I didn't think it was working. Then like 20 minutes into the movie, I didn't feel anxious anymore. I guess it takes a few hours to work. I noticed that after the movie I felt more comfortable talking to the other people that were invited too and it felt great (I normally wouldn't of even said one word to them). Ashwagandha got rid of the physical symptoms of my anxiety and made me feel more relaxed. It's like it got rid of my anxiety!! Previously I use to treat my anxiety with alcohol, for me Ashwagandha does the same thing as alcohol apart from making me feel drunk and unaware of what I'm doing. I would really recommend it to everyone. Plus, it's a natural supplement, which means it won't do any harm to your body and it has other health benefits too.

This is what it basically is:

Here's the UK link to buy it:

Here's the US link to buy it:

You can get it in other countries too, so if you're not from the UK or US, don't worry. Just google search it for your country.
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I've had ashwagandha before. I took it for a month or two, but didn't notice anything - until I stopped taking it. I just want to find something that gives me amazing results immediately that doesn't have a laundry list of side effects, and doesn't need a prescription after a sob session with some over payed psychologist who doesn't give a ****.



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I think it's a good supplement too - but not nearly as effective as your case. I experience less physical symptoms like shaking whilst taking it, and also less irritability.

For those not in the know, it's classified as an adaptogen - a substance that balances out something to a normal level. If it's too high, an adaptogen will lower and if to low it will increase it. In this case the thing affected is cortisol (the body's stress hormone)

One more thing though, I think the product links that you have posted are far to pricey. You can get it much cheaper if you shop around.

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