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  1. Social Anxiety...Working, Feeling Stuck for life...
  2. How to quit a job after so many years?
  3. Unreliable job
  4. Basics of getting job advice
  5. Temp Agency
  6. Another Update!
  7. Lost my job after two days
  8. Uber Driver
  9. Does anyone work in retail or on reception?
  10. Sick of being treated like I know nothing
  11. Being a good software developer: learning methods
  12. I'm too scared to get a job?
  13. Job search is such a joke
  14. Update!
  15. Waitress or call center?
  16. What did I just do?
  17. Severe Workplace Anxiety
  18. Need to quit
  19. have you ever pretended to go to work?
  20. Work with Animals (advice needed)
  21. job interviews
  22. Is the 1st 1/2 hour always the worst?
  23. Get to know you
  24. Anxious after handing in notice
  25. Making up for having no undergraduate degree?
  26. How to move from a supermarket job to an office job?
  27. Need help!
  28. Coworker Intentionally Ignores Me
  29. Not comfortable in your own skin
  30. Got my 2nd job!
  31. Something I'm Getting Tired of...
  32. Courtesy Clerk for grocery store anyone?
  33. Job interview, do I need to bring a resume?
  34. I can get a job but always end up quitting
  35. How Do You Answer the Question, "Have Youb Ever been terminated . . . "
  36. Working with out of state recruiters
  37. Best no sleep work stories
  38. Would you work evenings full time to be away from people?
  39. I hate working ordinary jobs
  40. How do I explain no work experience ??? (i am almost 30 years old)
  41. how can i realistically earn income online ???
  42. So, I was told I'd be called to schedule an interview..
  43. Management Meetings always give me anxiety
  44. Help deciding what to do
  45. cook job good for someone with social anxiety?
  46. Is it even worth it?
  47. How many successive vacation days are you allowed to take?
  48. Working from home resource
  49. Should I quit?
  50. Summer Job
  51. Feeling like I'm running out of options
  52. Kind of wish I could be in the Canadian Air force
  53. Should I change careers?
  54. Stressed & anxious about my job.
  55. Should I quit, or should I not?
  56. Do you struggle to feel like you're not just temporarily somewhere?
  57. What's the longest you've gone without a job?
  58. part time jobs over summer?
  59. Behind your back.
  60. What sort of job would give me at least every other weekend off?
  61. Truck driving or delivery?
  62. I work with incompetent and unreasonable people
  63. Starting Call Center Job on Monday
  64. Retail with Social Anxiety
  65. How early do you arrive at work everyday?
  66. No idea what to do
  67. Introvert faking extroversion
  68. SAD Creeping up again in work meetings
  69. Co-worker stole my property, Not sure what to do
  70. need to find work or homeless?
  71. Worried about what my boss said
  72. 15 Free Writing Contests & Fellowships with Cash Prizes
  73. Job Search FRUSTRATION
  74. Uncertainty + Roadblocks
  75. They like to fire people on Friday at my company
  76. Is It Me Or Is It The Person?
  77. A job for introverts who doesn't like people?
  78. Work Dilemma - stuck in a ongoing temp position
  79. Applied for a new job
  80. Want to quit after 3 days
  81. I'm done. Any advice?
  82. Lost All Motivation At Work Part 2
  83. Worst Excuses you have heard for people missing/being late for work?
  84. Is anyone working their dream job?
  85. Heading to Mexico
  86. Didn't Get the Job
  87. How to Prepare for an Interview?
  88. Manipulative Supervisor - Any Thoughts?
  89. 20 and no job?
  90. Have you ever taken anything from work?
  91. question about employment drug test
  92. Worst co-worker you've ever had?
  93. How long should I expect to hear back after phone interview?
  94. Calling in sick due to lack of sleep
  95. Good night/graveyard shifts for uni students with SA?
  96. Is it possible?
  97. Jobs working from home
  98. Feel Like I was retaliated against
  99. Not been here a long time, quitting my job due to harassment over my anxiety
  100. Workplace harassment and Family Issues
  101. What is the biggest single pay check you have ever had
  102. Anyone else stuck in a dead end job?
  103. Working Two Jobs And How To Manage Both
  104. careee prospects looking bleak
  105. Mid 20s working at mcdonalds
  106. CV question
  107. I had to ask for a reference, but I panicked
  108. About to get fired from my position and feeling suicidal
  109. work and experience
  110. Management Point Scoring System
  111. 🙁Another not so great work day 🙁
  112. Feeling so disapointed and frusturated
  113. Anyone work in a post office?
  114. What's it like working at McDonald's?
  115. What is the furthest you have travelled for a job/job interview?
  116. Being pressured to work longer hours
  117. Is it lazy or selfish to not refill the water in the keurig machine at work?
  118. What was your first ever job interview?
  119. A new work low...
  120. Working in Retail
  121. every word is a lie
  122. Am I reading too much into things?
  123. Have you ever asked for a raise?
  124. Accounting/Business Jobs
  125. Can't do my new job
  126. Youtube movie on how to pass a job interview
  127. Dealing with performance anxiety
  128. Am I over reacting
  129. How long since you worked
  130. Whoopsie do
  131. Question... Please read:/
  132. Another weekend dies
  133. Any slow paced entry level jobs out there?
  134. Constantly feeling embarrassed :( VENTING
  135. Financially destitute because of SA
  136. 2nd career
  137. I need a job for 2016
  138. Is MECHANICAL ENGR (Robotics) a good field for SA?
  139. krispy kreme
  140. Anyone ever work as a pharmacy tech?
  141. I don't know what to do. Any advice?
  142. Regrets, I have a few
  143. Almost got fired on the day of my job's christmas breakfast
  144. is it sad that I enjoy the holidays at work?
  145. Near-meltdown
  146. I have a question about calculating on cash registers
  147. Letter carrier?
  148. The women's bathroom at work smells
  149. What should i do??
  150. REALLY need to rant about new job
  151. should I change jobs?
  152. Is McDonald's good enough at my age?
  153. Receptionist or admin assistant?
  154. No experience, Need a job, Work here
  155. Housekeeper $12 hr. in Sunnyvale, California
  156. Kind of freaking out... Advice?
  157. Is Tech Support worth the struggle?
  158. Does anyone else feel this way? (Long post, but I hope you all read)
  159. Young, unemployed, fed up
  160. Coworker Threatens Me
  161. Career in Barbering/Hair cutting
  162. What is the worst job you have had
  163. I want to quit my job because of social anxiety
  164. Overtime?
  165. Have you known any dumb programmers?
  166. Jobsearching interstate/in a different country/etc
  167. So I started a new job today/wth
  168. I want to quit so badly
  169. Can you please recommend me a direction to go in, work-wise?
  170. What can I do?
  171. What's a good job for an Teen with Social anxiety?
  172. What is standard on the last day of work?
  173. Working in the fast food industry when you have social anxiety
  174. Being pushed into promotion I don't want really?Long
  175. Truck driving good for social anxiety?
  176. What is the best SA job you've worked? (Poll)
  177. Spinning your wheels
  178. I rather die
  179. Please help, I am in tears over my job situation?
  180. I decided to FAKE APPLY to a job posting to test my resume
  181. Resume help?
  182. I've made a terrible mistake...
  183. Anxiety Over Goodbye Emails
  184. employers need employees
  185. Might have a job interview next week, but I don't know if I am up to the job?
  186. Any medical transcriptionist members?
  187. "What are you doing with your life?"
  188. Farting at work
  189. I will be getting laid off in the next 6-8 months, I am not ok!
  190. Coworker listening to the radio all day
  191. Customer Service at Supermarkets?
  192. how do you make money?
  193. Does anyone here freelance or work remotely?
  194. Paranoia and can't work because I am worried what other people are thinking of me
  195. Working in an office sucks!
  196. Can I bribe an interviewer?
  197. Lost AllMotivation For Work!
  198. Not at work due to SA
  199. What does it mean when you show up at a job interview on time and then asked can you
  200. Anyone here work in the Computer Science field?
  201. Fabrication/Welding
  202. First Job- Early Days
  203. I will be out of a job soon.. but I am terrified to find work?
  204. Jobs for people with social anxiety?
  205. opening my own child daycare at home
  206. Phone Interview Tips (UK)
  207. Do you have ambition?
  208. Phobia to return to work
  209. How your perceived at work
  210. Driving for Uber?
  211. How to make a decent living with social anxiety?
  212. Halloween Office Party Anxiety
  213. Cried at work
  214. Retail Merchandising
  215. What jobs should I apply for and what should I tell employers?
  216. This is why it's better to get paid on bi-weekly rather than 15th and 30th
  217. Trying to figure it out.
  218. Finding it hard to cope in my job?
  219. Work Christmas parties
  220. Job trying to force me into managerial position.
  221. Jobs that don't require heavy lifting
  222. What do you do for a living?
  223. Anyone has experience with UX design? Would love some info
  224. I hate going to work.
  225. Can I get disability income for social anxiety?
  226. Film Industry?
  227. Obsessing over work mistakes
  228. Having issues grasping my first job...
  229. What the hell am I going to do with my life, seriously?
  230. Possible new job! Terrified right now!
  231. What can I do?
  232. HELP! Advice on Calling an Employer for an Interview?
  233. How to explain to potential employers why i haven't worked in years?
  234. How to ask for help/clarification at work?
  235. I'm worried I might be too clingy with a friend at work?
  236. Lost successful working gradute
  237. skills for dealing with social anxiety while working as a cashier
  238. Mind goes blank during interviews / questions
  239. First day as a cashier was terrifying
  240. Salary suggestions please
  241. Scared starting work
  242. Help With Injured Coworker?
  243. Why did this happen?
  244. Help! I'm scared.
  245. Dealing with cliques at work.
  246. Has anyone volunteered at a hospital?
  247. How to stop being treated like a child at work?
  248. Feeling very uncomfortable at work, anyone else?
  249. Have I Made The Wrong Impression?
  250. Counsellor? Support Worker?