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  1. I rather die
  2. Please help, I am in tears over my job situation?
  3. I decided to FAKE APPLY to a job posting to test my resume
  4. Resume help?
  5. I've made a terrible mistake...
  6. Anxiety Over Goodbye Emails
  7. employers need employees
  8. Might have a job interview next week, but I don't know if I am up to the job?
  9. Is this a good time of year to ask for a raise?
  10. Any medical transcriptionist members?
  11. "What are you doing with your life?"
  12. Farting at work
  13. I will be getting laid off in the next 6-8 months, I am not ok!
  14. Coworker listening to the radio all day
  15. Customer Service at Supermarkets?
  16. how do you make money?
  17. Does anyone here freelance or work remotely?
  18. Paranoia and can't work because I am worried what other people are thinking of me
  19. Working in an office sucks!
  20. Can I bribe an interviewer?
  21. Lost AllMotivation For Work!
  22. Not at work due to SA
  23. What does it mean when you show up at a job interview on time and then asked can you
  24. Anyone here work in the Computer Science field?
  25. Fabrication/Welding
  26. First Job- Early Days
  27. I will be out of a job soon.. but I am terrified to find work?
  28. Jobs for people with social anxiety?
  29. opening my own child daycare at home
  30. Phone Interview Tips (UK)
  31. Do you have ambition?
  32. Phobia to return to work
  33. How your perceived at work
  34. Driving for Uber?
  35. How to make a decent living with social anxiety?
  36. Halloween Office Party Anxiety
  37. Cried at work
  38. Retail Merchandising
  39. What jobs should I apply for and what should I tell employers?
  40. This is why it's better to get paid on bi-weekly rather than 15th and 30th
  41. Trying to figure it out.
  42. Finding it hard to cope in my job?
  43. Work Christmas parties
  44. Job trying to force me into managerial position.
  45. Jobs that don't require heavy lifting
  46. What do you do for a living?
  47. Anyone has experience with UX design? Would love some info
  48. I hate going to work.
  49. Can I get disability income for social anxiety?
  50. Film Industry?
  51. Obsessing over work mistakes
  52. Having issues grasping my first job...
  53. What the hell am I going to do with my life, seriously?
  54. Possible new job! Terrified right now!
  55. What can I do?
  56. HELP! Advice on Calling an Employer for an Interview?
  57. How to explain to potential employers why i haven't worked in years?
  58. How to ask for help/clarification at work?
  59. I'm worried I might be too clingy with a friend at work?
  60. Lost successful working gradute
  61. skills for dealing with social anxiety while working as a cashier
  62. Mind goes blank during interviews / questions
  63. First day as a cashier was terrifying
  64. Salary suggestions please
  65. Scared starting work
  66. Help With Injured Coworker?
  67. Why did this happen?
  68. Help! I'm scared.
  69. Dealing with cliques at work.
  70. Has anyone volunteered at a hospital?
  71. How to stop being treated like a child at work?
  72. Feeling very uncomfortable at work, anyone else?
  73. Have I Made The Wrong Impression?
  74. Counsellor? Support Worker?
  75. Greetings
  76. DAE feel like they'll never get a decent job
  77. How do you become dynamic?
  78. 3 Jobs I would choose "Unemployment" over because they are the worst
  79. Jobs that you've dreaded and jobs that you could bear or even thrive in
  80. How to deal with difficult boss?
  81. Feeling useless and edged out
  82. Sometimes my job doesn't suck.
  83. Work parties - need advice
  84. Please help give me some ideas for what to do as a career?
  85. Really Struggling With My Job, HELP!
  86. How do I tell my manager for less hours?
  87. Trouble functioning around attractive female
  88. Field Based
  89. What are some of the ridiculous (and sad) things you have done at work, due to SAD?
  90. Are you doing what you love?
  91. I need some advice. Am I in the wrong here
  92. I can't handle my job.
  93. ANY MD's or people in Medical school
  94. Feel like a failure
  95. Job Fair Help?
  96. How To Switch From Office Work Jobs?
  97. New job and I'm not handling it well
  98. my job said that i'm having difficultly talking to customers
  99. Public persona
  100. Anyone a barista or at least worked as one in the past?
  101. Should I leave my job?
  102. It's too bad mail carrying is a dying job
  103. Artificially induce presentation anxiety?
  104. I've been thinking about being a Uber driver.
  105. Work making anxiety worse...
  106. I landed a job! But I'm scared as hell.
  107. I want to be a programmer!
  108. Can I become a teaching assistant/teacher despite my social anxiety?
  109. Does anyone here work with children?
  110. How much would my salary be if I earn 12.50 per hour?
  111. Anxiety with Introductions
  112. Always worried about mistakes, feeling guilty
  113. Changes at work
  114. Teen Applying for a job?
  115. What are warehouse jobs like?
  116. What's a good job for people with social anxiety?
  117. Need Advice!!!!
  118. Fake CV - UK People
  119. please sign it! UK epetitions are back!
  120. Should I try to become a doctor?
  121. Anyone has a manual labor job?
  122. I can't handle job stress
  123. Fresh out of college
  124. My Job Interview
  125. Prefer timesheets or permanent job
  126. How do you react to adverts / invites?
  127. Job offered, but afraid of phone calls
  128. Work wise , what have you done today?
  129. Public speaking... Ok to "know my limits" and back out?
  130. First job
  131. Why is this situation at any job so uncomfortable for me?
  132. Does anyone work a job that is completely incompatible with their anxiety?
  133. Phone anxiety and work... help
  134. Why am I too afraid to call a manager to quit a job
  135. I want to ask what is 4-2 - 4-2 rotation shift as a CNA schedule?
  136. Anyone want a work-from-home job?
  137. Negotiating a work contract
  138. How to do well in an interview with no previous experience of any kind?
  139. Job Offer Don't Know What To Do
  140. Has layoffs caused anyone to have anxiety on the job?
  141. Don't have personal references
  142. Anxiety and Wanting to Become a Teacher...
  143. What are the jobs where you get to entertain?
  144. Not sure whether I should go to this job interview tomorrow?
  145. Business Networking Group.... for misfits.
  146. How much overtime have you done?
  147. School Teacher going back to work.
  148. Disruptive Talent
  149. New job @ huge corp
  150. I can't bring myself to work.
  151. isolated entrepreneurs,coders,bloggers,etc
  152. Working in construction
  153. Need advice on assistant type of job
  154. Workplace Jerk
  155. Working as a delivery man sucks
  156. Anyone ever worked or currently working in Starbucks?
  157. Medical Sonography for someone with SA?
  158. Saying hi
  159. Potential job interview
  160. Havent worked since 2007
  161. What are your exeriences with Temp/Employment Agencies?
  162. Anyone else work in a call centre?
  163. Does this mean that I got the job ?
  164. Rude ***** Coworker on the elevator today has forced me to shut her out of my life
  165. Sexual Harrassment at work
  166. Should I invest with my employer?
  167. Self Deprecation at work
  168. How long have you been out of work?
  169. What would you have said for an interview?
  170. Advice please: Should I quit a job that pays a lot?
  171. Work moan/support
  172. Paediatric nursing with SA?
  173. Work not happy about cbt.
  174. New job not functional
  175. What is your dream job?
  176. Need Advice Regarding Availability Change!!
  177. Losing my job soon...
  178. Anyone responsible for Facebook page of employer?
  179. Does any work in computer programming/thinking of switching to it?
  180. 17 with no job...
  181. Dog Walker?
  182. Job as a Bank Teller?
  183. Send out an email to an employer on craigslist and made a mistake
  184. What is your future career?
  185. Highly considering quitting my job
  186. Job Hunting With Anxiety
  187. CVS jobs
  188. Grocery store fruit cutting jobs
  189. Resume help
  190. How do you feel about lunches and breaks?
  191. What hours do you work?
  192. UPS Package Handlers
  193. Petco cashier?
  194. Got a new job
  195. Did I Choose the Wrong Job?
  196. We shouldn't get employment news ∆ or ≠
  197. Job Retention
  198. First job
  199. Anyone here work as an industrial engineer or IT?
  200. Does anyone here do web development? If so is it hard?
  201. Feeling inferior to everyone at work
  202. Afraid to go to work the day after I missed work
  203. Anxiety and my new job
  204. Supervisor acts really quiet towards me and not others
  205. Being teased and picked on at work for being quiet
  206. - dog sitting
  207. I hate my job so much it's affecting every aspect of my life.
  208. Scared to ask for time off
  209. Is anyone self-employed and making enough to live?
  210. Do you think your coworkers care about you?
  211. People say they worked so hard on that
  212. anyone find it?!?
  213. Clique-y coworkers
  214. Should you tell the employer about your SAD during a interview?
  215. Dealing with a Horrible Coworker
  216. SA and my career
  217. Too Scared To Call Into Work
  218. Starting a new job Monday, not looking forward to it.
  219. Any fellow workaholics?
  220. What path to take?
  221. Forgot interviewers names for job interview. want to sent thank you letter
  222. Anyone Work Online?
  223. Office requires a woman
  224. Phoned in sick because of social anxiety
  225. Seems like the best jobs for us are the ones where you have to be a genius
  226. Ignoring people at work
  227. Adult ADD SA and Asbergers
  228. Summer Job predicament
  229. new job, same ol anxiety
  230. Job Hopping - What Should I do?
  231. Pet care jobs
  232. Anxiety VS. the need to get a job
  233. Good Education, But Lacking Experience - Hard to Find a Job
  234. Working as a cashier
  235. To work or not to work...
  236. Fired from job
  237. Refused a job offer
  238. Shelf stocking jobs?
  239. Anybody else starting an online business?
  240. Interviews are my WORST Nightmares
  241. Disappointed with current job
  242. does anyone have tips or advice on work conferences ?
  243. Describe a really anxious moment you had at work
  244. Feeling incapable
  245. We were born to work
  246. Is it okay to tell someone they gained weight at work?
  247. Easiest jobs with Social Anxiety?
  248. HELP: Issue quantifying my last job salary
  249. Medical Coding/Transcription ???
  250. Job Suggestions