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  1. Phoned in sick because of social anxiety
  2. Seems like the best jobs for us are the ones where you have to be a genius
  3. Ignoring people at work
  4. Adult ADD SA and Asbergers
  5. Summer Job predicament
  6. new job, same ol anxiety
  7. Job Hopping - What Should I do?
  8. Pet care jobs
  9. Anxiety VS. the need to get a job
  10. Good Education, But Lacking Experience - Hard to Find a Job
  11. Working as a cashier
  12. To work or not to work...
  13. Fired from job
  14. Refused a job offer
  15. Shelf stocking jobs?
  16. Anybody else starting an online business?
  17. Interviews are my WORST Nightmares
  18. Disappointed with current job
  19. does anyone have tips or advice on work conferences ?
  20. Describe a really anxious moment you had at work
  21. Feeling incapable
  22. We were born to work
  23. Is it okay to tell someone they gained weight at work?
  24. Easiest jobs with Social Anxiety?
  25. HELP: Issue quantifying my last job salary
  26. Medical Coding/Transcription ???
  27. Job Suggestions
  28. ~ How Was Your Day? ~
  29. Should I go to this work meeting?
  30. My coworkers asked me to go out with them...what do I do? .
  31. Putting my own Work Advice into practice
  32. Anger & Anxiety In the work place, should i tell my boss I have SA
  33. Are online internships worth it?
  34. supervisor been an egg
  35. Do you feel this at work?
  36. If I apply to the same place 20 time will it increase
  37. Working in a industry outside of your degree field
  38. Where to Start
  39. Advice on getting a job
  40. It's Complicated
  41. Night shift jobs
  42. First job advice
  43. Working alone from home
  44. Facebook is your CV?
  45. A conference call in real life
  46. Is working at a fast-food restaurant hard?
  47. How to Make Money Online?
  48. Phone Interview Tips?
  49. Can someone with social anxiety become a teacher?
  50. Too shy at work!
  51. does any body make co workers uncomfortable?
  52. Working tax credits with S.A.D
  53. How to deal with difficult boss?
  54. any dental hygienists here?
  55. Lieing on your CV
  56. warehouse job interview
  57. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook...your profile when looking for a new job
  58. Paranoia
  59. How do I get out of retail?
  60. Anxiety Attack at work
  61. Hourly Workers: Can you use the bathroom before leaving?
  62. How did you react when you were first fired?
  63. Job Interview Tips?
  64. Starting a business, could use some help...
  65. Office
  66. No job experience ugh...
  67. What's a person like me to do...? v_v
  68. How to explain Resume major gap due to SA/Depression?
  69. Building Rapport With Colleagues (Tip 2)
  70. Make stupid mistakes at work - feel an idiot
  71. ky How to Fit In In the Workplace (Link to Video)
  72. hate my new job
  73. Volunteer Opportunities
  74. Job Interview and don't have Facebook...
  75. Asking for help at work
  76. I haven't called my boss back.... Been about 3 weeks!
  77. New job jitters :(
  78. Microchips for Employees
  79. ppl who work more than one job
  80. Don't know if I've got the job and losing hope now...
  81. Job interview tips???
  82. IS it possible to be a good manager with sa?
  83. Outcast at work
  84. Know Your Rights as well as the employers
  85. Is it worth it looking for work on the weekends?
  86. Shy Waitress Hell
  87. Nervous about new volunteer weekend position
  88. Dealing with an unprofessional and annoying supervisor
  89. Feel like my manager thinks I'm stupid :(
  90. Do you work right now?
  91. I stay at school forever to avoid professional world
  92. how can i make money from home ?
  93. Did anyone ever do this
  94. Booooooooored
  95. Starting my first job as a cashier... really scared.
  96. Feeling like an outsider.
  97. Bachelors degree and work
  98. Jobs for people with SA
  99. Fitting in... or not.
  100. Seriously Considering Teaching in Asia
  101. Who the hell does this?
  102. What is your strangest working experience.
  103. Part Time work - thoughts?
  104. I'm a rock among seeds.
  105. so anxious I called in sick today
  106. working and going to school with SA
  107. Feel like quitting my job due to SA
  108. Job Interview Tomorrow
  109. Anyone always end up broke?
  110. Can't decide what job to take..
  111. I feel like I messed up during my interview today so goddamed frustrated!
  112. Builders
  113. Warehouse Job
  114. Get Paid-To-Click
  115. Should I call/email? help!
  116. Finding a suitable job
  117. Will most likely quit
  118. Anyone here locks up at work?
  119. Hypnosis for Public Speaking
  120. Nurses with SA?
  121. My workplace threatening to fire me because I'm quiet
  122. trying to find a job my not having a phone
  123. If I work as a waitress before am I likely to get hired ?
  124. New job... need advise
  125. Feeling like I will never be good enough
  126. Depth of bowels of employment
  127. Nervous shy volunteer
  128. how rich r u?
  129. How does everyone handle their anxiety at their job?
  130. Anxiety of tills at work :/.
  131. Can I still go back?
  132. Working with an enemy
  133. Got embarrassed and cried at work.
  134. New job - struggling with SA.
  135. Career switch to accounting clerk - thoughts?
  136. naah
  137. Just started at Old Navy - HATE it! :(
  138. Hostess questions if anyone can help me out, my anxiety is going crazy!
  139. Job Hunting resources
  140. Unfortunately we will not be progressing your application any further
  141. Any middle school teachers?
  142. References
  143. My friend's negotiating a job move
  144. Workers talking behind my back
  145. Drug test?
  146. Help Finding a Job?
  147. Don't feel capable of passing an interview
  148. Energy
  149. I Am Drawn To Customer Service?
  150. Apprenticeship - Dreading going into work!
  151. What was your first ever job?
  152. Confused about work and what to do.
  153. Can my boss do this? Do I have any rights?
  154. Maths as a career
  155. is a web designer a practical job for us?
  156. What is the longest shift you have ever done?
  157. I'm new to this but I really need to reach out
  158. Good Deskless Jobs
  159. small talk/visiting others around the workplace
  160. What happens when you burn bridges?
  161. Why is my manager hot and cold with me?
  162. How do you pass those employment assesment tests for low skilled jobs?
  163. How to Find a Job?
  164. Why the heck am I so nervous at work? How to overcome it?
  165. Developer vs DBA
  166. References
  167. Should I ask her out
  168. Need support
  169. Should I give 2 week notice when bullied and afraid to go to work?
  170. Anxiety Interfering with New Job
  171. Fired
  172. Who among you are working online?
  173. Any Metro Areas For Translators/Interpreters
  174. Does snag a job really work ?
  175. Colleague leaving - not sure what to do in this situation!
  176. do you think I'm making a mistake?
  177. Worst Job you have ever had?
  178. Anyone work as an internal auditor?
  179. Does anyone know a job that pays well at 21?
  180. Hostess with SA
  181. Anyone an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher?
  182. Poll ! - Work for yourself or someone else?
  183. Cashiers of SAS unite!
  184. All of my experience is school related!
  185. Are you pressured to work sick?
  186. Unhappy In My Current Role - Need Advice
  187. math teacher to truck driver
  188. Drinking with colleagues - disgusted at myself
  189. How tough is it being a cashier?
  190. Is it possible to start a business with SA?
  191. Job Search Sites?
  192. started working at a hospital - people turning backs on me - giving me crappy tasks
  193. Meetings are so challenging for me
  194. Anyone self employed?
  195. How often do you keep up your resume?
  196. Should I quit my job at best buy?
  197. I want to apply for a waitress job
  198. Joining the army
  199. Anybody else stuck working today?
  200. Hiring my first employee, what should I expect?
  201. I'm an independent contractor and I have to quit my job early
  202. Haven't received employment contract yet
  203. I'm really struggling with jobs, help?
  204. Final Question!
  205. How Physical And Mental Health Needs May Be Linked And May Impact On One Another?
  206. Difficulties at work with social anxiety
  207. Online Training vs Physical Training for Employees
  208. Workplace Banter - The Key to Success?
  209. Working in childcare
  210. How is the IT field?
  211. How long have you been in your current/most recent job?
  212. Work christmas do
  213. I hate humans
  214. Social Anxiety causing em to lose jobs
  215. Anyone work as an accountant?
  216. Did I get the job?
  217. Potential part-time work from home opportunity
  218. What should I do?
  219. Does it make you feel better if co-workers also have SA?
  220. I don't get it
  221. How many of you have been fired or want to be?
  222. Craziest excuses you've given for calling out of/missing work?
  223. What are you doing to get a reference?
  224. Same boss diffrent job
  225. What hours do you work?
  226. Work is a punishment
  227. Being intimidated
  228. just started a new job
  229. How long have people been out of work?
  230. Minimum wage minimum effort
  231. Health And Social Care Nvq Level 3
  232. my first interview is next Wednesday, any advice?
  233. Being a mortician
  234. Working at a Fast Food place! Help! >.<
  235. Do people at work know about what you're going through?
  236. Please help!! Am I over thinking? :(
  237. New job issues
  238. Terrified to go back to work
  239. Cashier blows
  240. Problems with supervisor.
  241. Why do we have to work?
  242. Ambulance at work for coworker with anxiety
  243. What's your favorite snack at work?
  244. Just got my internship evaluation
  245. That one jerk at work...
  246. Employment and Support Allowance - Depression/Anxiety
  247. Being a "team player"
  248. Fail at doing simple tasks
  249. Interview on Tuesday.. thinking wayyyy too much
  250. What you do on weekends?