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  1. I hate humans
  2. Social Anxiety causing em to lose jobs
  3. Anyone work as an accountant?
  4. Did I get the job?
  5. Potential part-time work from home opportunity
  6. What should I do?
  7. Does it make you feel better if co-workers also have SA?
  8. I don't get it
  9. How many of you have been fired or want to be?
  10. Craziest excuses you've given for calling out of/missing work?
  11. What are you doing to get a reference?
  12. Same boss diffrent job
  13. What hours do you work?
  14. Work is a punishment
  15. Being intimidated
  16. just started a new job
  17. How long have people been out of work?
  18. Minimum wage minimum effort
  19. Health And Social Care Nvq Level 3
  20. my first interview is next Wednesday, any advice?
  21. Being a mortician
  22. Working at a Fast Food place! Help! >.<
  23. Do people at work know about what you're going through?
  24. Please help!! Am I over thinking? :(
  25. New job issues
  26. Terrified to go back to work
  27. Cashier blows
  28. Problems with supervisor.
  29. Why do we have to work?
  30. Ambulance at work for coworker with anxiety
  31. What's your favorite snack at work?
  32. Just got my internship evaluation
  33. That one jerk at work...
  34. Employment and Support Allowance - Depression/Anxiety
  35. Being a "team player"
  36. Fail at doing simple tasks
  37. Interview on Tuesday.. thinking wayyyy too much
  38. What you do on weekends?
  39. Coping with SA in the Work Place
  40. What's the most absurd work situation you've been in?
  41. Being bullied and ostracized at work.
  42. Shift work and anxiety levels
  43. Working in a care home
  44. First job. Nervous. The start of it...
  45. Social anxiety at work and in life. Hopeless.
  46. Entrepreneurship Troubles
  47. Anyone familiar with technical writing?
  48. Having social anxiety in a fast paced workplace
  49. Promoted at work?
  50. Does this mean they're desperate?
  51. Female Coworker invites me to her HOME on Thanksgiving???
  52. I'm starting a new job AGAIN!!!!
  53. Job Hunting and Sanity?
  54. Why i Don't have work and never will
  55. Mentors for those in similar fields?
  56. On being the weirdo at work
  57. any hairdressers?
  58. How did you get your first job?
  59. Job Hours
  60. Plants in office
  61. What Jobs have you had?
  62. I want to find a new job, but can't
  63. not the place
  64. Question about background checks?
  65. Just got my CDL
  66. Boss got fired today
  67. Customers at Work
  68. Interview process
  69. Is anyone here on disability?
  70. Is it possible to have work when you don't have
  71. What is the shortest job you have had?
  72. Share your little awkward moments at work.
  73. Has anyone passed the CFA certification?
  74. Funny: At an Interview...
  75. need advice
  76. Work from home?
  77. Have you quit a Job over SA?
  78. Getting through a 16 hr work day
  79. Job Interview
  80. So tired of Job searching
  81. Anyone on minimum wage?
  82. It isn't what you, but how well you fill a suit and get on with people
  83. Graphic design apprenticeship, anyone know what it'd be like (more info)?
  84. The Two Phobia Combo at the Work Retreat
  85. Switching jobs sucks
  86. Cv advice
  87. Stomach aches every day toward the end of work
  88. Is work socially demanding?
  89. I think I'm going to end up fighting one of coworkers.
  90. Any other teachers or educators?
  91. Constantly failing job interviews
  92. A decision about life and work
  93. I broke down in front of everyone at work
  94. How to Respond to News from Boss
  95. SA ruining career dreams
  96. My boss distrusts me
  97. Help, not sure if I should go to this volunteer training thing??
  98. I found this interesting
  99. The Idea Of A Long Commute with Co Workers makes me anxious
  100. Got Trolled for a interview :-)
  101. What does an organisation do with its staff?
  102. Bad Days: Avoid or fake it?
  103. Any of you guys suffered sexism at work?
  104. Anyone too scared to hand in their notice?
  105. I wanted to b a medical doctor
  106. Best paying jobs with little/no social interaction
  107. Work Retreat coming up is making me really anxious
  108. What do you need to get a good job?
  109. Is it possible for a good salary one day?
  110. I am a completely worthless loser.
  111. First Job
  112. Good jobs for people with social anxiety?
  113. I can't stand working full time...
  114. Do you add coworkers as FB frineds?
  115. How long do you wait after phone interview?
  116. Passed Up Again
  117. Is it because I was an apprentice?
  118. Accounting good for the shy?
  119. My home desk
  120. Filing an HR complaint against a co-worker
  121. How long did it take you to get a job after you graduated?
  122. No work experience and I'm scared of getting a job. Please help.
  123. Do you like the people you work with?
  124. Got a job interview - HELP!!
  125. Can't get a job, I'm freaking out.
  126. obedience
  127. Anyone run their own business?
  128. Crippling work anxiety
  129. Interviews
  130. I Quit And I Feel Bad
  131. No more retail for me!
  132. So much sucks about the corporate setting that I could scream
  133. Started Tech Support Job
  134. How to look for other work while having a job?
  135. What are you doing to get a good job?
  136. Social anxiety holding back your career
  137. Anxiety stress and holding a job
  138. I got an interview... but I already feel bad about it
  139. Taking medication while looking for work
  140. New Key Client Advice!
  141. I might get the job!!!
  142. Anyone else work in a school?? im so alone!! IT Department :(
  143. Do you feel you could live at your job?
  144. Getting a job with SA?
  145. I wanna be a freelance web designer/developer
  146. How long did it take you to find a job?
  147. Just left my job after having a panic attack
  148. I don't understand some people.
  149. Still have a lot of Anxiety about losing my current job after ....
  150. Anyone here ever managed a Pizza Hut/should I go for it?
  151. Job searching while employed vs. unemployed
  152. Ugh looking for work!
  153. Anybody work nights?....
  154. Admin Assistant/Secretary positions and Gender
  155. Going from part-time to full-time, any tips?
  156. Calling into work, due to surgery.
  157. New Job. So frustrating.
  158. Dad doesn't get/keep jobs, tells me to work
  159. Got hired as a security guard
  160. self-sabotage because SA?
  161. anyone worked at a Fast Food chain?
  162. Resident's Party?
  163. Did you find a good job after graduating college?
  164. New job! So nervous!
  165. Anyone work from home?
  166. Depressed
  167. Don't click with boss or coworkers.. ever
  168. Got invited to a work conference..
  169. Does anyone here know anything about Finance?
  170. Embarrassing Situations at Work?
  171. Does anyone else hesitate?
  172. So I have an interview coming up...
  173. HR People hiring their own relatives/friends?
  174. Ohhhhhh jesus. Target phone interview tomorrow.
  175. HATE JOB INTERVIEWS!!! Ughh!! Need to vent!!
  176. Depressed, no job and stuck in Thailand.
  177. Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After College
  178. Feel like I'm stuck in life and can't advance!
  179. First day of new job
  180. Help preparing for an interview please?
  181. Office jobs?
  182. Underwriting - Good For SAD People?
  183. Help Improving Resume
  184. Main reason I ditched programming in school
  185. Work fear
  186. For those who have worked in Call Centers... Question!
  187. Anyone here NOT hate their job?
  188. Does anyone not work?
  189. Social anxiety cost me my job
  190. How Cold Calling Can Land You A Job
  191. Looking for a new job - Temp Agencies? Any Tips?
  192. Anyone do freelance work/have their own small business?
  193. How to deal with a bad boss?
  194. Accepted job over the phone, haven't received letter offer
  195. Preschool a great workplace for SA folks
  196. Calling back your Boss to cover a shift
  197. The first time day I got fired
  198. Bathroom issues: first time reaching out...
  199. Call in?
  200. Calling back?
  201. Open work enviornments
  202. struggling in the cubes as the months go by
  203. Finally I got a new job but still not happy?
  204. Passion vs. Pay
  205. Night Job with few interaction with others
  206. I don't know if I should quit my job
  207. my boss answers questions directed to me
  208. Should we challenge ourselves with social jobs?
  209. Jury Duty?
  210. Scared of work
  211. Slipped Some Info
  212. Dreaming about work
  213. IT Tech Support OR Trucking?
  214. Does my coworker think I'm stupid?
  215. Can't work with others
  216. Surviving as A Social Worker with S.A.
  217. Anyone else go through almost a full day of work without talking to anyone?
  218. I Cannot Find A Job Anywhere And...
  219. My Decision Regarding In Love With A Resident!
  220. Mental breakdown after work last night
  221. Careers for Introverts?
  222. Teen wants to quit job
  223. i'm being harassed at work and I don't know how to stop it
  224. Work Quotes that RESONATE with you
  225. Got a question! Going to get a job..
  226. Practise your Farewell Speech here (work only)
  227. Does anyone here work as a Field Technician?, is it ok for SA?
  228. Have you ever cried at work?
  229. Your job does not define you
  230. Information over load
  231. The Renaissance Soul- anyone read it?
  232. In Love With A Resident
  233. Did I waste my time with school?
  234. Doctors Don't Help Worth S**t.
  235. New Job Jitters
  236. Anyone deliver newspapers before?
  237. Anyone here work as a Care Aid?
  238. How to be more polite at work?
  239. Dreading work
  240. How do you deal with rude customers?
  241. Phone Trivia
  242. Job options when socialising terrifies you?
  243. I Need Help with Interviews
  244. Loud Managers
  245. Applying for Apprenticeships
  246. Can someone please help me calm down about work?
  247. Not sure if I'm ready to work again
  248. Picking up the phone too quickly at work
  249. I do not get invited to social events because I am too quiet.
  250. Trucking question