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  1. Any Truckers Out There?
  2. Conflicted about quitting or not quitting a job.
  3. What do you think?
  4. Sucks working with retards
  5. Good first job for someone terrified of social interaction
  6. What was your first job?
  7. Got a position in library seminars
  8. Told I am not confident enough to carry out certain aspects of my job?
  9. What an effing retard.
  10. Procrastination....
  11. Is the 8 hour work day excessive?
  12. pursueing law school or management
  13. Night Tour
  14. Favourtism In The Workplace?
  15. Group interviews
  16. Paranoid About Job Loss
  17. I have an interview tomorrow
  18. Finding a job...interviews
  19. Is it Acceptable
  20. Security Guards at my work are douches
  21. Why?
  22. How many people here do online jobs ?
  23. was it ok for me to ask this question in interview?
  24. unsure if i did something wrong in this interview..
  25. Do you guys know if there are any job training programs that train you to be a recep
  26. Teaching engineers next week...Yikes!
  27. Job Opportunity In Korea or China
  28. What is the best way to approach interviews
  29. My old car
  30. seeking help and support
  31. Grad School...
  32. Advice please
  33. What is a good place to work for your first job?
  34. Blue Collar workers?
  35. Open offices
  36. New Volunteer Job
  37. self employed
  38. Poll for people who are /have been unemployed
  39. I feel like you really need to work for yourself in today's economy
  40. Good at interview, bad at job
  41. What to wear for a job interview?
  42. Recently hired at Macy's. Mistake?
  43. I HATE this!!
  44. I want to quit my job
  45. Bearly able to speak clearly during meeting
  46. Anybody here working with a degree in Finance?
  47. work / family dilemma
  48. Mistakes at work
  49. advice - huge employment gap, getting back out there
  50. Orientation? No interview?
  51. fired for not being outgoing
  52. Joyful to read a book you already written in your head
  53. When you were ever fired
  54. Finding a job after being unemployed for a long time?
  55. Starting new job?
  56. Losing all motivation maybe?
  57. Hunting for Game
  58. What jobs can I do that aren't retail?
  59. How to not screw up your first job
  60. Sometimes I really want to quit my job.
  61. 25+ no hopers?
  62. Can someone with social anxiety become a teacher?
  63. Are there any MD's/pharmacists on board here?
  64. Any behavior therapists for autism here?
  65. Boss told me to start work next week then said opps they already hired someone?
  66. SASers who have become or always been interview pros
  67. Anybody here work or worked in a factory?
  68. Any Business Owners Here?
  69. making friends at work
  70. Panel Interview
  71. Process Operator/Chemical Engineer?
  72. Why do I stay in a job I don't like?
  73. Solicitors
  74. Recruiter
  75. How can I begin working?
  76. I hate my job (quite a long post, sorry!)?
  77. I feel like I don't fit anywhere in the working world
  78. Have you ever cried at work before?
  79. Where are the best places to go for volunteering opportunities (UK)...?
  80. Places That will Hire ****ing Anybody?!?!?!?!
  81. How do you prepare for an interview without having a panic attack?
  82. Telling my boss about depression
  83. Dream Workplace
  84. You Understand Me Update!
  85. Should i be a team leader?
  86. Got job at subway.. anxious
  87. What type of jobs are people currently holding down well?
  88. New computers at work that are useless
  89. Is it too late for me to get into the tech field?
  90. I am so nervous about going back to work tomorrow?
  91. I quite like temping
  92. Anyone gone self-employed?
  93. Animals aren't miserable at their "jobs"
  94. Anyone here had friends/family try to pull them into an MLM? (Multi Level Marketing)
  95. Anyone else have a hard time adjusting to a new department?
  96. I'm pretty sure I failed my interview
  97. Low Confidence!
  98. ur Boss: Describe your BOSS
  99. Dog Walking Business
  100. How do I get a job?
  101. Is working more than 40 hours the norm nowadays?
  102. Social anxiety at work, looking for help with a project
  103. You Understand Me!
  104. Can't get a job
  105. Do you have to clock out and in on lunch break?
  106. Is it just me or does getting a job seem really depressing?
  107. I hate Physical Intervention Training
  108. Scared of Resigning
  109. I hate my job, should I tell my boss?
  110. yeah, this happened today
  111. Creatives?
  112. Would you wear jeans to a job interview?
  113. How many vacation days do you have?
  114. Worried that people think I have been stealing
  115. Computer and Information Systems Manager?
  116. Anyone have an MBA or Computer science degree?
  117. Anyone that has a job that wears gloves?
  118. Was I justified in turning down an unpaid internship?
  119. The Employer
  120. Should I call or email places to see if they're hiring?
  121. A question for those working in creative careers (designers/artists)
  122. Quitting work and getting a reference
  123. Do employers respect online degrees?
  124. Applying FOR
  125. 24 never worked
  126. Internship absenteeism; I'm stuck...
  127. First job interview!
  128. cant find a slave job
  129. A Little Advice On Key Client
  130. Future career advice
  131. Today
  132. Resume with formatting error
  133. Call Center reps
  134. I'm worrying
  135. Job search
  136. Got a job interview!
  137. Turned 30 - no work experience - live with parents - considering TEFL - anxious.
  138. Should I quit?
  139. Teaching recruiters how to use their language
  140. Job titled: Technician
  141. Is there any help for mentally ill people to find work?
  142. Can someone with SA be a good receptionist?>
  143. New Contract & Freaking
  144. I got my first real job!
  145. Butt of the joke at work
  146. Ever have/had a boss who took advantage of your SA?
  147. why am i feeling so empty?
  148. Opportunity
  149. Do employers care about the name of an email?
  150. Who works? in UK
  151. living a humanist live
  152. How to strive
  153. Next Interview
  154. Shall I shout really loud when I pick up the phone?
  155. You apply for a job
  156. Anyone here a teacher?
  157. Over preparing interview questions
  158. I feel like the world doesn't want me to succeed
  159. Worthless Drone at a Heartless Corporation
  160. Careers or business startups that require no more than 2 years of school?
  161. Meaningful policy
  162. Do you paid work?
  163. Working a 3PM to 11PM shift question.
  164. I Need Advice Please?
  165. Psyche myself up for a change
  166. Work is suffocating me with a pillow...slowly
  167. What determines suitability?
  168. My job is on the witch hunt when it comes to firing people
  169. Work / Pleasure
  170. Is it better to do an Apprenticeship or go to University?
  171. Is web design a good job?
  172. Job Hunting: The Downward Spiral
  173. rude js advicer
  174. Getting a Job
  175. "Why haven't you been able to find a job?"
  176. BEST CAREERS for SA
  177. Is the hair too long for interviews?
  178. Anyone drive a truck for a living?
  179. Adverts
  180. Serious question: do temp agencies really work?
  181. Any IT people with anxiety here?
  182. Do you ever eat alone at lunch time
  183. Workplace anxiety
  184. Are slacks supposed to be loose on the butt or tight?
  185. Workphobic people at Work?
  186. Switching jobs
  187. Co-Worker out to get me
  188. "Fast paced work environment"
  189. How do you keep your references from getting annoyed with too many calls?
  190. Work advice for the future
  191. Scared to go on interview
  192. Do you ever turn down professional interviews for reasons other than SA?
  193. what Do I be when I grow up?
  194. "So tell me a little about yourself? Interview Question
  195. what's a good business to start for someone with SA?
  196. What Are We Supposed to do?
  197. frusturated looking for a job
  198. Do you still go to work if it snows/ices?
  199. Terrified to get a job, what do I do!?!
  200. shopping cart attendant
  201. How can i reply to these question with out showing i have S.A?
  202. Will I get a good job?
  203. Anyone here can't drive and only applies for close by jobs?
  204. Bad social anxiety
  205. My boss told me I'm always late even though I come twenty minutes early?
  206. Unions
  207. What happens when your work members find out you have S.A.D?
  208. Not a clue
  209. If i get fired can i still get another job ?
  210. Any Accountants with SA here?
  211. Starting up again.
  212. Help! what should i include in my resume?
  213. Good careers for people with SA
  214. How do I get a job? Which job should I get?
  215. "make him hangout with the sales people"
  216. Dealing with a crowded morning bus to get more sleep?
  217. I can't get passed the applications. :|
  218. Customer Insulted me
  219. Socially awkward people: Do you despise or participate in workplace gossip?
  220. Not only am I useless at my job, I'm also pretty much invisible!
  221. Do you ever miss work?
  222. What else can i say when i dont want to go to work meals?
  223. Does anyone else feel like "artsy" people can get away with more stuff?
  224. Thanking people for work done
  225. Stressed about planning to quit job.
  226. Anxiety over quitting a job? Anxiety over starting a new job?
  227. Anyone worked in retail or any work as seasonal temp?
  228. I really want to help you guys with something cool...
  229. I have to start waiting tables by myself tonight?
  230. I quit....
  231. Did you go or do anything on your vacations?
  232. Co-worker problem.
  233. I just got fired for being to quiet..
  234. I messed up.. again
  235. Any advice for a group interview?
  236. How to handle a boss who yells at you
  237. Anyone drive for a living?
  238. HELP! Job Interview Questions!
  239. Work Xmas Parties
  240. Getting nasty emails at work
  241. What do you do with all that stuff?!
  242. 2 part time jobs
  243. workplace emergency
  244. I'm loving being unemployed at the moment
  245. Will I get fired?
  246. I think my coworker is manipulative
  247. fear of working
  248. The Interview Guide
  249. Obtaining a job with Social Anxiety/little work experience
  250. Just another manic Monday