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Originally Posted by Merlynn View Post
I was running. Even bought a bike and rode that for a while. But now it's winter and cold air + running + smoker doesn't work out well. I got an elliptical to work out with in the house. All that does boost my mood for a short time. Doesn't make me feel more social but makes me a little happier. And to makes things worse I live next door to my in laws. They're nice people, we get along. But if I step outside and they see me it's "heyyyy wanna come over for coffee, wanna see my Pokémon collection" and that sounds cool and all but they're just too much. You can't get away from them, they don't shut up. They scare me away more than make me feel comfortable lol.
I've never liked exercise machines but yes, not all of us are in less wintery climates so my bad.
So the ones available to you are at a 50 and you're just wishing you had a few 5s to chum around with. I can see that, one of my cousins has placed me in "best friend" category and I know nothing about him. Makes interacting a bit stressful.
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