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Originally Posted by Freeman Lowell View Post
I'm on this... well no, I'm not ON it. I have it with me to use in times when my social anxiety is worse... like wherever there are attractive women or if I'm going to a gathering of 4 or more people.

It's weird. I can tell it's doing something even though it's not really doing anything.

That doesn't make sense, does it? It definitely slows my out-of-control heartbeat but it does nothing for my wild crazy thoughts. That's when I usually reach for the alcohol, unfortunately.
I feel exactly the same. Like, I had an interview the other day and was still crapping myself beforehand, sweating a bit and just very nervous. Normally my voice trembles a lot but I that didn't this time so it was better in that respect.

What are you doing from here on? I was thinking about going to the doctors again and possibly having a prescription for something else but I'm not sure if anything will work exactly as I would wish.
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